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Thomas Mann Randolph (October 1, 1768-June 20, 1828), the husband of Thomas Jefferson's oldest daughter, Martha, served the Commonwealth of Virginia as a Governor and U. S. Congressman.[1] Randolph received thirty-eight titles from Wythe's library.

Wythe Books Given to Randolph by Thomas Jefferson

The list below was adapted from the "Library of George Wythe" in the Thomas Jefferson Libraries project on the website for Monticello.[2] The titles in blue link to copies in the Wolf Law Library's George Wythe Collection.


Page five of Jefferson's inventory of books received from George Wythe's estate, September, 1806. This list indicates which volumes Jefferson intended to give to his son-in-law, Thomas Mann Randolph. Courtesy of the Massachusetts Historical Society.

[Mr. Randolph?]
Josephus. by Lestrange. fol.
Clarendon’s history. 3.v. fol.
Temple’s works 2.v. fol.
Guthrie’s history of England & Ralph’s continuation 5.v. fo[l.]
Etats Unis de Mazzei. 4.v. in 3. 8vo.
Marshal’s Life of Washington. 4.v. 8vo.
Hippocratis Aphorismata. p.f.
Plinii Historia Naturalis fol.
Shaftesbury’s Characteristics. 3.v. 12mo.
Platonis opera. Gr. Lat. fol.
Montaigne. Eng. 2.v. 8vo.
Tillotson’s works. 2.v. fol.
Grotius de veritate religionis Christianae. 8vo.
Code de l’humanité. 13.v. 4to. par Felice.
Tucker’s Blackstone 5.v. 8vo.
Hooker’s Ecclesiastical polity. fol.
Mirabeau, Turgot etc 8vo/sup>.
Bolingbroke to Windham 8vo.
     ’s Dissertation on parties. 8vo.
     ’s Oldcastle’s remarks 8vo.
Parliamentary Manual. 12mo.
Debates in the H. of Lords 7.v. 8vo.
   in the H. of Commons. 13.v. 8vo.
Irish Debates. 2.v. 8vo.
Postlethwayt’s Dictionary. 1. of the vols only. fol.
Voyages de la Grece 4.v. 8vo. de Guys
Lettres de Savary sur l’Egypte 3.v. 8vo.
Egypte de Volney. 2.v. 8vo.
Darwin’s Botanic garden. 8vo.
     Zoonomia. 3.v. 8vo.
Spectator. an odd vol.
Connoisseur. an odd vol.
Rabelais. 5.v. 12mo. 2d. wanting
Dictionary of Arts & sciences. 4.v. 8vo.
Bacon’s works. 4.v. fol.
Locke’s works. 3.v. fol.
Milton’s Prose works. 2.v. fol.

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