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|1stoffice=In reverse order... first is last.
}}Name (XXXX – XXXX), introduction and basic biography.<ref>Please footnote sources</ref>

==Specific details==
Additional details as needed.<ref>Footnote sources</ref>

Larger quote.

==See also==
*[[George Wythe]]
*Other related Wythepedia pages.

<references />

==Further reading==
*Further reading.
*Even further reading.

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*Links to [ outside sources.]

[[Category:Aspects of Wythe's Life]]

Basic Wythepedia Case Page

[[File:WytheAmblerVWyld1852.jpg|link=Media:WytheDecisions1852AmblerVWyld.pdf|thumb|right|300px|First page of the opinion [[Media:WytheDecisions1852AmblerVWyld.pdf|''Ambler v. Wyld'']], in [ ''Decisions of Cases in Virginia by the High Court of Chancery''], by George Wythe. 2nd ed. Richmond: J. W. Randolph, 1852.]]
Introduction and summary.<ref>Please footnote sources.</ref>


===The Court's Decision===

==See also==
*[[Wythe's Judicial Career]]


[[Category: Cases]]

Basic Wythepedia Source Page

{{DISPLAYTITLE:''Title if Different from Page Name''}}
Introduction and summary.<ref>Please footnote sources.</ref>

==Letter text, 4 July 1776==
===Page 1===

Blockquote document text.

===Page 2===

Page 2 text.

==See also==
*[[S. Bassett French Biographical Sketch]]
*Other Related Wythepedia Pages


==External links==
*Read this book in [ Google Books.]

[[Category: Biographies (Articles)]]


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