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Ellen Wayles Randolph Coolidge (October 13, 1796 – April 30, 1876)[1] was the granddaughter of Thomas Jefferson, daughter of Thomas Mann Randolph and Jefferson's oldest daughter, Martha. Jefferson gave eight titles from Wythe's library jointly to his grandaughters, Ann and Ellen.

Wythe Books Given to Ann and Ellen Randolph by Thomas Jefferson

The list below was adapted from the "Library of George Wythe" in the Thomas Jefferson Libraries project on the website for Monticello.[2]

Detail of page two from Jefferson's inventory of books received from George Wythe's estate, September, 1806. This list indicates which volumes Jefferson intended to give to Ann and Ellen Randolph. Courtesy of the Massachusetts Historical Society.
Ann Randolph. & Ellen
Plutarch’s lives 1st. to the 6th. vol. 8vo.
     Morals 4.v. 8vo.
Pope’s Odyssey. 5.v. 12mo.
Shakespear. 3. odd vols. p.f. .
Pope’s Homer’s Iliad. 1st. 3d. 4th. 5th. 6th vols 12mo
     Odyssey. 5.v. 12mo.
Dryden’s works. 6.v. 12mo.
Shakespeare by Theobald. the first 6.v. 12mo.

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