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Dabney Carr (April 27, 1773 – January 8, 1837), was the son of Dabney Carr, Sr. (1743 – 1773) and Martha Jefferson Carr, Thomas Jefferson's younger sister. He was the younger brother of Peter Carr, one of Wythe's students. Dabney Carr received forty-five of George Wythe's titles when Jefferson dispersed the collection after Wythe's death.

Carr served as commonwealth's attorney for Albemarle County from 1801 to 1811, and chancellor of Winchester and Clarksburg from 1812 to 1824.[1] He was elected to the court of appeals — Virginia's highest court — in 1824, and held this position until his death in 1837.[2]

Wythe Books Given to Carr by Thomas Jefferson

The list below was adapted from the "Library of George Wythe" in the Thomas Jefferson Libraries project on the website for Monticello.[3]


Page one of Jefferson's inventory of books received from George Wythe's estate, September, 1806. This list indicates which volumes Jefferson intended to give to his nephew, Dabney Carr. Courtesy of the Massachusetts Historical Society.

[Entry partially shaved]
3d. Chancery rep. 8vo    Nelson’s Chancery reports 8
Kaim’s Pr. Eq. fol.
Treatise of Equity fol.
Swinburne on wills. fol.
P. W. rep. 3.v. fol.
Ca. temp. Talbot. fol
Bunbury’s reports fol.
Atkyns’s rep. 1st. & 3d. v. fol.
Vezey’s rep. 2.v. fol.
Gilbert’s reports. fol.
Ca. in Eq. abridged. 2.v. fol.
Jacob’s introdn to the Common, civil & canon laws. 8vo.
Law of Devises 8vo
   Uses & trusts 8vo
   Awards 8vo
   Bills 8vo
   Covenants 8vo
   Obligations 8vo
Laws of US. 1st. 2d. 3d. vols 8vo.
Brown’s Entering clerk’s Vade mecum 8vo.
Danvers’ abr. 2d. & 3d v. fol.
Bacon’s abr’ 4. v. in 7. vol. fol.
Jacob’s L. D. fol.
Registrum brevium fol.
Modern entries 2d. v.
Rastell’s entr. fol.
Robinson’s entr. fol.
Winch’s entries. folio
Dalton’s sheriff. fol.
Hale’s P.C. 2. v. fol.
Hawkins’ P.C. fol.
Foster’s crown law.
Wingate’s Maxims fol.
Godbolt’s reports 4to.
Moore’s rep. fol.
Sr. W. Jones’s
T. Raymond’s
Shower’s ca. in parl.
Ld. Raymond’s 2.v. fol.
Fortescue’s rep.
Strange’s rep. 1st. vol.

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