A Book of Special Entries of Declarations, Pleadings, Issues, Verdicts, Judgments and Judicial Process in Such Actions as are Now in Use and have not Hitherto been Published in Any Printed Book of Precedents Together with Such Notes and Observations as do Either Illustrate or Explain the Same

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by Sir Thomas Robinson

A Book of Special Entries
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Title not held by The Wolf Law Library
at the College of William & Mary.
Author Sir Thomas Robinson
Published London: Printed by W. Rawlins, S. Roycroft and H. Sawbridge assigns of Richard and Edward Atkins ... for T. Basset ... R. Chriswell ... and B. Tooke ...
Date 1684
Language English
Volumes volume set
Pages [4], 479, [36]

Sir Thomas Robinson (1613-1683) was an English lawyer and legal writer. In the early 1640s he became a member of Staple Inn and entered practice as an attorney of the common pleas. In 1657 he was able to purchase the office of prothonotary of the Court of Common Pleas.[1] Robinson was made an associate bencher of the Inner Temple and soon became one of the inn's principal figures. After the Great Fire damaged 7 King’s Bench Walk, Robinson contributed over £8,000 towards rebuilding the structure.[2] The reconstruction project was completed in 1671, and was known as Sir Thomas Robinson’s Building until the nineteenth century. Six years later, Robinson was made a complete bencher of the Inner Temple, and served as treasurer until his death in 1683.[3]

After his death, a collection of pleadings compiled by Robinson in the course of his practice, A Book of Special Entries, was published under his name.[4] The preface claimed that the pleadings had been selected from a "Many-Volumed Atlas of Pleadings," and that they should be published "chiefly for the Benefit of the Clerks and Attorneys of his Office."[5]

Evidence for Inclusion in Wythe's Library

Listed in the Jefferson Inventory of Wythe's Library as "Robinson’s entr. fol." and given by Thomas Jefferson to Dabney Carr. The first edition (1684) of Robinson's A Book of Special Entries is the only edition of this work.[6] Both the Brown Bibliography[7] and George Wythe's Library[8] on LibraryThing include this title. Brown notes that the title is referenced by John Marshall in the manuscript copy of his commonplace book.

The Wolf Law Library as yet has been unable to purchase a copy of Robinson's A Book of Special Entries.

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