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Thomas Jefferson Randolph (1792-1875), oldest son of Martha Jefferson Randolph and Thomas Mann Randolph, and favorite grandson of Thomas Jefferson, served six terms in the Virginia House of Delegates and became a member and eventually Rector of the University of Virginia Board of Visitors.[1] Jefferson personally guided his grandson's education and consequentially gave Randolph seventy-two titles from Wythe's library—almost twice as many as any other recipient other than Jefferson himself.

Wythe Books Given to Randolph by Thomas Jefferson

The list below was adapted from the "Library of George Wythe," in the Thomas Jefferson Libraries project on the website for Monticello.[2]


Page three of Jefferson's inventory of books received from George Wythe's estate, September, 1806. This list indicates which volumes Jefferson intended to give to Thomas Jefferson Randolph. Courtesy of the Massachusetts Historical Society.


Page four of Jefferson's inventory. Courtesy of the Massachusetts Historical Society

[Th. J. Randolph?]
Herodotus Gronovii. Gr. Lat. fol.
Diodorus Siculus. 2.v. fol.
Anacharsis. Eng. 5.v. 8vo. Eng.
Potter’s antiquities. 2.v. 8vo.
Justin. 12mo.
Dionysius Halicarnasseus.
Quintus Curtius varior. 8vo.
Polybius. Gr. Lat. 3.v. 8vo.
Livius. p.f.
Livii selecta. 12mo.
Caesar Delphini. 8vo.
Cornelius Nepos. 12mo. Foul.
Appianus. variorum. 2.v. 8vo.
Tacitus. varior. 2.v. 8vo.
Suetonius. Delph. 8vo.
Valerius Maximus. 12mo.
Velleius Paterculus. Delph. 8vo.
Buchanani historia Scotiae. 8vo.
Fisher's Young man's companion. 12mo.
Epictetus. Gr. p.f. Foul. [ed. entry inserted later?]
Antoninus. Gr. Lat. 12mo.
Plato. Gr. Lat. 12.v. 8vo.
Morale et Bonheur. p.f.
Liturgia Anglicana. Gr. 12mo.
Yorick's sermons. odd vol.
Ward’s Mathematics. 8vo.
Mc.laurin’s Algebra. 8vo.
Arithmetica Universalis Newtoni. 8vo.
Price on annuities. 8vo.
Euclid. Eng. 8vo.
Hutton’s Mathematical tables. 8vo.
Martin’s Philosophical grammar. 8vo.
Martin’s Philosophia Britannica. 3.v. 8vo.
Helsham’s lectures. 8vo.
Cluverii geographia. p.f.
Strabo. Gr. Lat. fol.
Pausanias Gr. Lat. fol.
Homeri Ilias. Gr. Lat, cum scholiis Didymi. 4to.
do. _ _ _ _  Clarke. 2d. vol. 8vo.
Virgil Delph. 8vo.
do.  Foulis. 12mo.
Quintus Coluthus. Gr. Lat. 8vo.
Phaedrus. 12mo.
Aristophanes Gr. Lat. 6.v. 8vo.
do. _ _ _ _ _ Gr. Lat. p.f.
Theocritus Gr. Lat. 4to. Foul.
Ovid de arte amandi. 12mo.
Pindar. 3.v. p.f. Foul. Gr.
Poetae minores. 12mo Foul.
Addison’s works. 1st. v. 12mo. [ed. entry inserted later?]
Musae Anglicanae. 3.v. 12mo.
Buchanani Psalmorum libri. 12mo.
Excerpta ex Luciani operibus. à Kent. 8vo.
Lucretius. 12mo. Foul.
Lucretius by Creech. 2.v. 8vo.
Horatius Delphini. 8vo.
Horatius. Foulis. 12mo.
Horace by Francis. 4.v. 12mo.
Juvenalis et Persius. Delph. 8vo.
Quinctilianus de instutitione Oratoriâ. 4to.
Blair’s lectures. 1st. vol. 4to.
Isocratis opera omnia. Gr. Lat. 3.v. 8vo.
Lysiae opera omnia. Gr. Lat. 2.v. 8vo.
Ciceronis orationes selectae Delph. 8vo.
Scapulae Lexicon. fol.
Hederici Lexicon. 4to.
Portroyal Gr. grammar by Nugent 8vo.
Ruddiman’s larger Latin grammar 8vo.
Exercises of Syntax. 12mo.
Tooke’s Diversions of Purley 8vo.
Barrington’s Orosius. Saxon & English. 8vo.
Auli Gellii noctes Atticae. p.f.

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