Mathematical Tables: Containing the Common, Hyperbolic, and Logistic Logarithms, also Sines, Tangents, Secants, and Versed Sines, Both Natural and Logarithmic

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by Charles Hutton

Mathematical Tables

Title page from Mathematical Tables, George Wythe Collection, Wolf Law Library, College of William & Mary.

Author Charles Hutton
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Published London: Printed for G.G.J. and J. Robinson
Date 1785
Edition Seventh
Language English
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Pages xii, 343
Desc. 8vo (24 cm.)
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Charles Hutton (1737-1823) was a British mathematician who wrote several influential works throughout his lifetime. At age seven, Hutton injured his right elbow in a street fight which resulted in a permanent disability that caused him to be deemed unfit for hard labor.[1] As a result of his disability, Hutton was sent to school rather than the coal mine where his father worked as a supervisor.[2] After he received his education, Hutton acquired a teaching position that came available when one of his former teachers moved to another school.[3] His success as a teacher, combined with his substantial publications, quickly garnered him notice. He was appointed the chair of mathematics at the Royal Military Academy, became foreign secretary of the Royal Society, and was awarded the degree of doctor of laws from the University of Edinburgh.[4]

Hutton published a wide variety of materials ranging from bridge construction to calculations on the density of the earth. Mathematical Tables, with calculations of logarithmic and trigonometric functions, was heavily relied upon by engineers at the time.[5]

Evidence for Inclusion in Wythe's Library

Listed in the Jefferson Inventory of Wythe's Library as "Hutton’s Mathematical tables. 8vo." and given by Thomas Jefferson to his grandson Thomas Jefferson Randolph. The precise edition owned by Wythe is unknown. George Wythe's Library[6] on LibraryThing indicates this, adding "Octavo editions with similar imprints were published at London in 1785 and 1794." The Brown Bibliography[7] lists the 1785, first edition based on the copy Jefferson sold to the Library of Congress.[8] The Wolf Law Library followed Brown's suggestion and purchased the first edition.

Description of the Wolf Law Library's copy

Bound in contemporary calf and rebacked. Purchased from Flora books.

Images of the library's copy of this book are available on Flickr. View the record for this book in William & Mary's online catalog.

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