The Instructor: or, Young Man's Best Companion

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by George Fisher

The Instructor
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Title not held by The Wolf Law Library
at the College of William & Mary.
Author George Fisher
Published :
Edition Precise edition unknown
Volumes volume set
Desc. 12mo

This book is a compendium of widespread advice, mixing a wide variety of trades, practical skills as well as academics.[1] This book also contained a method for shop and book keeping and a description of the American colonies, designed to coach a traveler or business person through conducting trade in the colonies.[2] Interestingly the book also contains instructions on pickling and wine making as well as odds and ends such as carpentry.[3]

Evidence for Inclusion in Wythe's Library

Listed in the Jefferson Inventory of Wythe's Library as "Fisher's Young man's companion. 12mo." and given by Thomas Jefferson to his grandson Thomas Jefferson Randolph. The Brown Bibliography[4] lists the 1748 edition (1st American from 9th English edition) published in Philadelphia based on the copy Jefferson sold to the Library of Congress.[5] Unfortunately, that copy no longer exists and may not have been the one Jefferson gave to his grandson. George Wythe's Library[6] on LibraryThing indicates "Precise edition unknown. Numerous editions of this title were published."

To date, the Wolf Law Library has not purchased a copy of Fisher's title.

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