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George Wythe's last will and testament, with codicil giving his books to Thomas Jefferson. Image from the The Thomas Jefferson Papers, Library of Congress.

Before his death, George Wythe bequeathed his books to his friend and former student, Thomas Jefferson:

I give my books and small philosophical apparatus to Thomas Jefferson, President of the United States of America: a legacie considered abstractlie, perhaps not deserving a place in his musaeum, but, estimated by my good will to him, the most valuable to him of any thing which I have the power to bestow.[1]

Wythe's executor, William DuVal created an inventory before turning the collection over to George Jefferson, the president's cousin and agent, who received the items and sent the inventory to Washington, D.C.[2] DuVal's inventory has not been found, but in 2008, while examining a manuscript book catalog which Jefferson kept from the late 1770s through 1812,[3] Endrina Tay and Jeremy Dibbel, librarians from Monticello's Jefferson Library and the Massachusetts Historical Society, discovered a different inventory—one Thomas Jefferson composed as he decided what to do with individual titles from Wythe's Library.[4] Jefferson divided the list into nine sections. Seven of these sections are headed by the name(s) of recipients, the other two—for Dabney Carr and Jefferson himself—have no headers.

Jefferson Inventory

Recipients of Wythe's Books

Jefferson kept 149 titles from Wythe's estate for his own library, and gave away 183 titles to various family members, a joiner at Monticello, and his grandson's tutor.[5] Click on each name below to learn more about the individual and see a list of the titles they received.

Page 1

Books given to Carr and Dinsmore

Main articles: Dabney Carr, James Dinsmore

Page one of Jefferson's inventory of books received from George Wythe's estate, September, 1806. Courtesy of the Massachusetts Historical Society.

[Entry partially shaved]
3d. Chancery rep. 8vo    Nelson's Chancery reports 8
Kaim's Pr. Eq. fol.
Treatise of Equity fol.
Swinburne on wills. fol.
P. W. rep. 3.v. fol.
Ca. temp. Talbot. fol
Bunbury's reports fol.
Atkyns's rep. 1st. & 3d. v. fol.
Vezey's rep. 2.v. fol.
Gilbert's reports. fol.
Ca. in Eq. abridged. 2.v. fol.
Jacob's introdn to the Common, civil & canon laws. 8vo.
Law of Devises 8vo
   Uses & trusts 8vo
   Awards 8vo
   Bills 8vo
   Covenants 8vo
   Obligations 8vo
Laws of US. 1st. 2d. 3d. vols 8vo.
Brown's Entering clerk's Vade mecum 8vo.
Danvers' abr. 2d. & 3d v. fol.
Bacon's abr' 4. v. in 7. vol. fol.
Jacob's L. D. fol.
Registrum brevium fol.
Modern entries 2d. v.
Rastell's entr. fol.
Robinson's entr. fol.
Winch's entries. folio
Dalton's sheriff. fol.
Hale's P.C. 2. v. fol.
Hawkins' P.C. fol.
Foster's crown law.
Wingate's Maxims fol.
Godbolt's reports 4to.
Moore's rep. fol.
Sr. W. Jones's
T. Raymond's
Shower's ca. in parl.
Ld. Raymond's 2.v. fol.
Fortescue's rep.
Strange's rep. 1st. vol.
     to James Dinsmore.
Stewart & Revett's Antiquities of Athens.
[ed. possible additional entry at foot]

Page 2

Books given to Dinsmore, Ogilvie, the Randolphs, and Eppes

Main articles: James Dinsmore, James Ogilvie, Ann Randolph, Ellen Randolph, Martha Jefferson Randolph, John Wayles Eppes

Page two of Jefferson's inventory. Courtesy of the Massachusetts Historical Society.

[ed. some loss]
juris civilis. fol.
[H]arris's Justinian. 4to.
[Vi?]nnii institutiones. 4to.
Taylor's civil law. 4to.
Mr. Ogilvie
Mathematiques de Bezout. 3d. & 4th. vols. 8vo.
Ciceronis opera. notis varior. 9.v. 4to.
Ann Randolph. & Ellen
Plutarch's lives 1st. to the 6th. vol. 8vo.
     Morals 4.v. 8vo.
Pope's Odyssey. 5.v. 12mo.
Shakespear. 3. odd vols. p.f.
Pope's Homer's Iliad. 1st. 3d. 4th. 5th. 6th vols 12mo
     Odyssey. 5.v. 12mo.
Dryden's works. 6.v. 12mo.
Shakespeare by Theobald. the first 6.v. 12mo.
Martha Randolph.
Pope's works. 9.v. 8vo.
Th.J. Randolph.
J.W. Eppes.
Herodotus. 8.v. 12mo. Foulis
Xenophontis historia. 4.v. 8vo. Foulis
Polybius. Gr. Lat. 3.v. 8vo.
Caesar fol. Foul.
Cornelius Nepos. Lat. Eng. by Arrol. 8vo.
Homeri Ilias. Gr. 2.v. fol. Foulis
     Odysseus. Gr. 2.v. fol. Foulis.
Horace de Dacier. Lat. Fr. 10.v. 8vo.
Ciceronis opera. Lat. 20.v. 16[mo?]. Foulis

Page 3

Books given to Thomas Jefferson Randolph

Main article: Thomas Jefferson Randolph

Page three of Jefferson's inventory. Courtesy of the Massachusetts Historical Society.

[Th. J. Randolph?]
Herodotus Gronovii. Gr. Lat. fol.
Diodorus Siculus. 2.v. fol.
Anacharsis. Eng. 5.v. 8vo. Eng.
Potter's antiquities. 2.v. 8vo.
Justin. 12mo.
Dionysius Halicarnasseus.
Quintus Curtius varior. 8vo.
Polybius. Gr. Lat. 3.v. 8vo.
Livius. p.f.
Livii selecta. 12mo.
Caesar Delphini. 8vo.
Cornelius Nepos. 12mo. Foul.
Appianus. variorum. 2.v. 8vo.
Tacitus. varior. 2.v. 8vo.
Suetonius. Delph. 8vo.
Valerius Maximus. 12mo.
Velleius Paterculus. Delph. 8vo.
Buchanani historia Scotiae. 8vo.
Fisher's Young man's companion. 12mo.
Epictetus. Gr. p.f. Foul. [ed. entry inserted later?]
Antoninus. Gr. Lat. 12mo.
Plato. Gr. Lat. 12.v. 8vo.
Morale et Bonheur. p.f.
Liturgia Anglicana. Gr. 12mo.
Yorick's sermons. odd vol.
Ward's Mathematics. 8vo.
Mc.laurin's Algebra. 8vo.
Arithmetica Universalis Newtoni. 8vo.
Price on annuities. 8vo.
Euclid. Eng. 8vo.
Hutton's Mathematical tables. 8vo.
Martin's Philosophical grammar. 8vo.
Martin's Philosophia Britannica. 3.v. 8vo.
Helsham's lectures. 8vo.
Cluverii geographia. p.f.
Strabo. Gr. Lat. fol.
Pausanias Gr. Lat. fol.
Homeri Ilias. Gr. Lat, cum scholiis Didymi. 4to.
do. _ _ _ _  Clarke. 2d. vol. 8vo.
Virgil Delph. 8vo.
do.  Foulis. 12mo.
Quintus Coluthus. Gr. Lat. 8vo.
Phaedrus. 12mo.

Page 4


Page four of Jefferson's inventory. Courtesy of the Massachusetts Historical Society.

Aristophanes Gr. Lat. 6.v. 8vo.
do. _ _ _ _ _ Gr. Lat. p.f.
Theocritus Gr. Lat. 4to. Foul.
Ovid de arte amandi. 12mo.
Pindar. 3.v. p.f. Foul. Gr.
Poetae minores. 12mo Foul.
Addison's works. 1st. v. 12mo. [ed. entry inserted later?]
Musae Anglicanae. 3.v. 12mo.
Buchanani Psalmorum libri. 12mo.
Excerpta ex Luciani operibus. à Kent. 8vo.
Lucretius. 12mo. Foul.
Lucretius by Creech. 2.v. 8vo.
Horatius Delphini. 8vo.
Horatius. Foulis. 12mo.
Horace by Francis. 4.v. 12mo.
Juvenalis et Persius. Delph. 8vo.
Quinctilianus de instutitione Oratoriâ. 4to.
Blair's lectures. 1st. vol. 4to.
Isocratis opera omnia. Gr. Lat. 3.v. 8vo.
Lysiae opera omnia. Gr. Lat. 2.v. 8vo.
Ciceronis orationes selectae Delph. 8vo.
Scapulae Lexicon. fol.
Hederici Lexicon. 4to.
Portroyal Gr. grammar by Nugent 8vo.
Ruddiman's larger Latin grammar 8vo.
Exercises of Syntax. 12mo.
Tooke's Diversions of Purley 8vo.
Barrington's Orosius. Saxon & English. 8vo.
Auli Gellii noctes Atticae. p.f.

Page 5

Books given to Thomas Mann Randolph

Main article: Thomas Mann Randolph

Page five of Jefferson's inventory. Courtesy of the Massachusetts Historical Society.

[Mr. Randolph?]
Josephus. by Lestrange. fol.
Clarendon's history. 3.v. fol.
Temple's works 2.v. fol.
Guthrie's history of England & Ralph's continuation 5.v. fo[l.]
Etats Unis de Mazzei. 4.v. in 3. 8vo.
Marshal's Life of Washington. 4.v. 8vo.
Hippocratis Aphorismata. p.f.
Plinii Historia Naturalis fol.
Shaftesbury's Characteristics. 3.v. 12mo.
Platonis opera. Gr. Lat. fol.
Montaigne. Eng. 2.v. 8vo.
Tillotson's works. 2.v. fol.
Grotius de veritate religionis Christianae. 8vo.
Code de l'humanité. 13.v. 4to. par Felice.
Tucker's Blackstone 5.v. 8vo.
Hooker's Ecclesiastical polity. fol.
Mirabeau, Turgot etc 8vo/sup>.
Bolingbroke to Windham 8vo.
     's Dissertation on parties. 8vo.
     's Oldcastle's remarks 8vo.
Parliamentary Manual. 12mo.
Debates in the H. of Lords 7.v. 8vo.
   in the H. of Commons. 13.v. 8vo.
Irish Debates. 2.v. 8vo.
Postlethwayt's Dictionary. 1. of the vols only. fol.
Voyages de la Grece 4.v. 8vo. de Guys
Lettres de Savary sur l'Egypte 3.v. 8vo.
Egypte de Volney. 2.v. 8vo.
Darwin's Botanic garden. 8vo.
     Zoonomia. 3.v. 8vo.
Spectator. an odd vol.
Connoisseur. an odd vol.
Rabelais. 5.v. 12mo. 2d. wanting
Dictionary of Arts & sciences. 4.v. 8vo.
Bacon's works. 4.v. fol.
Locke's works. 3.v. fol.
Milton's Prose works. 2.v. fol.

Page 6

Books retained by Jefferson

Main article: Thomas Jefferson

Page six of Jefferson's inventory. Courtesy of the Massachusetts Historical Society.

  [Th]ucydides Gr. Lat. notis variorum. Dukeri fol.
  Thucydides Eng. by Smith. 2.v. 4tto.
  Xenophontis Cyropaedia. Gr. Lat. Hutchinson. 4to.
  Bryant's Mythology. 3.v. 4to.
  Sallust. Delph. 8vo.
  Aelianus Perizonii notis. 2.v. 8vo. [ed. Perizonii inserted with carat]

[Histo]ry }

Blair's Chronology. fol.
  Puffendorf's introdn to the hist. of Europe 1st. v. 8vo.
[Eccles]astl. Stackhouse's history of the Bible. 5.v. 8vo.
[Agricu]ltre. Auctores rei rusticate. Cato, Varro etc p. 8vo.
[Chemi]stry. Dobson's Commentary on fixed air. 8vo.
[H]is[t] Plinii historia Naturalis. Varior. 3.v. 8vo.
  Goldsmith's Animated Nature. 4.v. 8vo.
  Digges's Stratioticos. 8vo.
  Description of Nairne's electrical machine. 8vo
  Epicteti Manuel Gr. Lat. 4to.
  Theophrasti careteres. Gr. Lat. 12mo. Foulis
  Boetius de Consolationes. 12mo. Foulis.
  Minuciius Felicis Octavius. 12mo. Foulis
  Hume's essays. 1st. vol. 8vo.
[Relig]ion The Bible 4to.
  Novum testamentum. Gr. 8vo. Lond. 1728.
  do. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _   12mo. Lond. 1743. Bower
  do. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _  12mo. Lond. 1730. Tonson [ed. entry inserted later?]
  Testamentum vetus LXXII. et novum. 3.v. 12mo. Cantab. 1665.
  Hammond's New testament. fol.
  Clarke's Concordance. 12mo
  Liturgia Anglicana Gr. 12mo.
  do. _ _ _ _ _ _   Lat. 12mo.
  Mori opera. 2.v fol.
  Puffendorf de officio hominis et civis. Johnson 8vo.
  Carey's reports in Chancery 16s.
  Reports in Chancery tempore Finch. fol.
  Vernon's reports. 2.v. fol.
  Wythe's Chancery decisions. fol. & 8vo.[6]
[Commo]n law. Cragii Jus feudale. fol.
  Glanvil. 12mo.
  Bracton. fol.
  Les tenures de Monsr. Littleton. p.f.
  Perkins's treatise on the law of England. p.f.
  Coke on Littleton. fol. defective.
  Coke's Institutes. 3.v. fol.
  Viner's abr. F. to Y. inclus. 10.v. fol.
  Blackstone's commentaries. 1st. & 4th. vols. 4to.
  Laws of the US. 4.v. 8vo.
  Laws of Virgā. various edns.
  Brownlow's entries
  Clerk's guide by Manly. 8vo.
  Brown's Modus intrandi. 2.v. 8vo.
  Pigott's conveyancing. fol.
  Brydall's conveyancer. 8vo.
  [L]aw of bailments. 8vo.

Page 7


Page seven of Jefferson's inventory. Courtesy of the Massachusetts Historical Society.

  Trover. 8vo. [entry partially shaved]
  Plowden's reports. French. fol
  do. _ _ _ _ _ _   English. fol.
  Croke's rep. 3.v. fol.
  Siderfin's   fol.
  Shower's   2.v. fol.
  Levinz's   2.v. fol.
  Andrews'   fol.
  Cases in L. & Eq. or 10th. Modern. fol.
  Report of the case of Kampier & Hawkins in the G.C. of Virga. 8vo.[7]
  Washington's reports. 2.v. 8vo.
  Call's reports. 2.v. 8vo.
Law Ecclesl. Nelson's letters testamentary. 8vo.
Politics. Xenophontis Hiero. sive de regno. 12mo. Foul. [ed. checkmark in pencil precedes entry]
  Proceedings of the Virginia convention
Mathematics. Emerson's Algebra. 8vo.
pure. Simpson's Algebra. 8vo.
  Rowlett's tables. 4to.
  Masere's principles of life annuities. 4to.
  Euclid by Simpson. 4to.
  Gibson's surveying. 8vo.
  Treatise on gauging. 8vo.
Astronomy Gadberry's doctrine of nativities. p. fol.
Geography Guthrie's geography 2.v. 4to.
  Pinkerton's geography. 2.v. 8vo.
  Sandy's travels. fol.
  Notes on Virginia. 8vo. 2.copies.
  Atlas by Arrowsmith & Lewis 4to.
  Plans of forts in America 8vo.
Fine arts.  
Architecture. LeRoy's Ruins of Athens. fol
Sculpture Spence's Polymetis. fol.
Poetry. Epic. Homeri Ilias et Odyssea. Barnes. 2.v. 4to.
  Homeri Odysseus. Gr. Oxon. 8vo.
  Virgil. 12mo.
  Dryden's Virgil. 3.v. 12mo.
  Milton's Paradise lost & regained. Baskerville. 2.v. 8[vo]
  Ossian. 2.v. 8vo.
  Statius. varior. 8vo.
Romance. Ovidii Metamorphoseon. Delph. 8vo.
  Constantia Philips. 2d. & 3d. v. 12mo.
Tragedy. Francklin's Sophocles. 2.v. in 1. 4to.
  Aeschylus. Gr. Lat. 2.v. p. 4to. Foul.
  Euripidis Medea et Phoenissae. Gr. Lat. Piers. cum scholii
  Potter's Euripides. 2.v. 4to.
  Joddrell's illustrations of Euripides. 8vo.
  Shakespear by Johnson & Steevens with the Supplement 12.v.
  [ed. possible additional entry at foot]

Page 8


Page eight of Jefferson's inventory. Courtesy of the Massachusetts Historical Society.

  [Plautus] notis varior. 2.v. 8vo.
[?] Fawkes's Theocritus. 8vo.
  Bion et Moschus. Gr. Lat. notis Heskin. 8vo.
  Virgilii Bucolica Rami. 12mo.
  Callimachus. Gr. fol. Foul.
  Tyrtaeus. Gr. Lat. 4to. Foul.
  Anacreon, Sappho, et Alcaeus. Gr. Lat. 12mo.
  Anacreon. Gr. Forster. 12mo.
  Moore's Anacreon. p. 8vo.
  Tibullus et Propertius. 12mo. Foul.
  Vida. 12mo.
  Musae Anglicanae. 3.v. 12mo.
  Cowley's works. fol.
  Psalterion. Gr. Lat. 12mo.
[Dialo]gue. Luciani opera. Gr. Lat. Gesneri. sholiis et notis 3.v. 4to. Amst. 1743.
[Didac]tic. Lucretius. Lond. Tonson. 1712. 4to.
  do. _ _ _ _  Tanaquil Fabri. 12mo.
  Hurd's Horace. 2.v. 12mo.
  Petronius. notis varior. 8vo.
  Swift's works. 13.v. 12mo.
  Praedium Rusticum.
  Pursuits of Literature. 8vo.
  Hudibras. p.f.
  Plinii epistolae. 12mo.
[Orat]ory. Artis Logicae. Aldrich. 12mo.
  Demetrius Phalereus de elocutione. Gr. Lat. Foulis. 8vo.
  Cambray on eloquence. 12mo.
  Demosthenis orationes selectae. Mounteney. 8vo.
  Oeuvres de Demosthene & do Eschine par Auger. Fr. 5.v. 8vo.
  Discours de Lycurgue, d'Andocide etc par Auger. Fr. 8vo.
  Isocrate d'Auger. 3.v. 8vo.
[Critici]sm. Greek grammar of Gloucester. 8vo.
  Basilii Fabri thesaurus eruditionis Scholasticae. fol. [ed. entry inserted later?]
  Thesaurus linguae Latinae Cowper. fol.
  Littleton's Latin dict. Lat. Eng. 4to.
  Ainsworth's dict. Lat. Eng. abridged. 8vo.
  Gradus ad Parnsassum. 12mo.
  Ash's Introduction to Lowthe's grammar. 12mo.
  Walker's dictionary. 8vo.
  Harris's Philological enquiries. 8vo.
  Blackwell's sacred classics. 2.v. 12mo.
  Lowth de Poesi Hebraeorum. 8vo.
  Longinus. Gr. Lat. Tollii 4to.
  Claesse's Mohawk liturgy. p. 4to.
[Polygra]phic. American Encyclopedia. 18.v. 4to.
  Erasmi Adagiorum epitome. p.f.
  Bacon's advancement of learning. p. fol. Eng.

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