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Although his lecture notes from his teaching days at William & Mary were in still in existence in 1810, no collection of George Wythe's papers or correspondence has survived to the present day. Instead, the list below derives from Wythe's contemporaries. As a leader of the Revolution, Wythe exchanged correspondence with many of the notable men of his time and it is from their papers that we piece together the Chancellor's collection.


John Adams

Samuel Adams

William Alexander, Lord Stirling

Joseph Blewer

Robert Carter

George Rogers Clark

Nicholas Cooke

Tim Danielson

Alexander Donald

Benjamin Franklin

  • Wythe to Franklin, 23 June 1766, in The Papers of Benjamin Franklin, Vol. 13: January 1, 1766 through December 31, 1766, eds. Leonard W. Labaree et al. (New Haven, CT: Yale University Press, 1969), 321, available at [5].
  • Wythe to Franklin, 6 September 1777, in The Papers of Benjamin Franklin, Vol. 24: May 1, 1777 through September 30, 1777, eds. William B. Willcox et al. (New Haven, CT: Yale University Press, 1984), 506, available at [6].

Thomas Greenough

John Hancock

Benjamin Harrison

Moses Hazen

Patrick Henry

Samuel Huntington

John Jay

Thomas Jefferson

Joseph Jones

Henry Laurens

Richard Henry Lee

Christopher Leffingwell

Abraham Livingston

James Madison

George Mason

Philip Mazzei

James Mercer

Richard Montgomery

George Morgan

Robert C. Nicholas

John Norton

John Hatley Norton

William Paulding

Edmund Pendleton

Beverley Randolph

Edmund Randolph

Philip Schuyler

Peter Simon

Charles Thomson

Jonathan Trumbull

St. George Tucker

James Warren

George Washington

Nathaniel Woodhull

David Wooster


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