Wythe to Bushrod Washington, 9 December 1787

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George Wythe thanks Bushrod Washington for returning the letter from the 6th of August. Wythe apologizes for being brash in the August letter and says that he hopes Washington will be able to forgive him. He encloses the promissory note that says the amount of tobacco that is to be sent to James Madison.

Letter text


I thank you for returning to me the letter of the 6th of august last. for your attendance on me i do not demand any thing. nor do i wish to receive any thing on the other account mentioned in my last and two former letters, if you be not satisfied that the tobacco was due to mr Madison. i hope you will not put yourself to the least inconvenience in this affair. i am sorry that i suffered some unkind syllables to escape me in that letter of the 6th of august; and shall wish for opportunities to convince you, that notwithstanding what hath passed, I am, with dissembled respect,


your obedient servant
G. Wythe
9 dec. 1787

the promisory note is inclosed, lest I should mislay it.

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