Wythe to Bushrod Washington, 3 December 1785

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George Wythe is asking after the tobacco that he had asked for from Bushrod Washington back in January that he has yet to receive. Wythe mentions having sent several letters before this one and has not received a satisfactory response to any of them.

Letter text

Permit me, sir, to remind you of a promisory note to pay me some tobacco, (250 lbs if i remember rightly, for i have not the note by me) which you received six or seven years ago from mr. Cabell. a student at college at the same time with you, delivered to mr Madison some tobacco, i believe a hogshead, to be divided between mr Madison and me. i desired him to retain the whol upon his consenting that i might receive what you should be indebted to him. i mentioned both these subjects to you, several times, by letters, to which satisfactory answers have not come to my hands. i am,


your humble servant
G. Wythe
Richmond 3 dec. 1787

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