Virginia Gazette (Dixon & Hunter), 6 April 1776

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Published in the Virginia Gazette on 6 April 1776.[1] A summary of recent news states that Edmund Randolph was appointed to represent Williamsburg in convention in the room of George Wythe.[2]

Article text, 6 April, 1776

Page 3

Williamsburg, April 6

THE Duke of Cumberland packet arrived a few days ago, from Falmouth, with Government, dispatches for Lord Dunmore. It is said she left England the 23d of January, and brings advice, that Lord Cornwallis failed about the same time, with a number of transports, under convoy of twelve frigates; the place of their destination uncertain. The packet was at South Carolina, but found Lord William Campbell had left the province, and joined Governor Martin at Cape Fear. Some Gentlemen from below say, that soon after the arrival of this vessel they published a paper which was called a declaration of war against the colonies, and received it with loud acclamations.

Some prisoners, and sailors who had been pressed, lately made their escape from the fleet, and came to this city last Thursday, accompanied by a soldier of the 14th regiment, who deserted his post at Lord Dunmore's entrenchment.

It is reported, that Lord Dunmore has sent to England, in the Duke of Cumberland packet, which failed last Wednesday, four French Gentlemen, who were lately taken in a vessel bound here from Cape Nichola Mole, pretending he has found letters upon them which prove their business was to treat with the Congress.

On Monday last Edmund Randolph, Esq; was elected to represent this city in Convention, in the room of George Wythe , Esq; one of our Delegates at the Congress.

We are informed the Roebuck is stationed between cape Henlopen and cape May, the Liverpool between cape Henry and cape Charles, and tenders constantly failing from one ship to the other, looking out for the Philadelphia fleet, which is now expected to return to the continent. Should Admiral Hopkins meet with those ships and tenders, we hope he will give a good account of them. It has been a current report, for two days past, that the Roebuck is already taken.

The Ordinance of Convention directs a meeting of the Delegates on the first Monday in May annually, and it is expected there will be a full meeting, as matters of the greatest importance are to come under immediate consideration. It may not be amiss to refer all concerned, to the ordinance, for the form and time of returns . </div>

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