Wythe to John Norton, 3 August 1769

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George Wythe asks for John Norton to send him some linens for shirts, dark colored Russian drab fabric, the debates of the parliament of Ireland, Journals of the House of Commons since 1766, some razors and pen knives, and a saddle. He tells Norton that Captain Robertson will deliver nine hogsheads of tobacco to him and concludes the letter by sending his and his wife's respects to Norton's wife and his family.

Letter text

Mr. John Norton
Merchant in London

Dear Sir

I beg the favour of you to send me the articles undermentioned. Capt. Robertson will deliver you nine hogsheads of tobacco, which are all that I made. Pray give mrs. Wythe’s and my best respects to mrs. Norton, and all your good family, and believe me to be

Your sincere friend
G. Wythe
3d of Aug. 1769

2 pieces of sheeting linen not exceeding 2s per yard.
2 pieces of irish linen for shirts 2s per yard.
1 piece of ditto ditto 1/3 per yard.
1 piece of dark coloured Russia drab.
Debates of the parliament of Ireland.
Journals of the house of commons since 1766.
Some best razors and pen knives.
A genteel Mans Saddle, bridle & blue housing to be made by Pennymen ord. in J. H. Ns. Letter of 4th Augst.

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