Wythe to John Norton, 18 August 1768

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George Wythe asks after some dishware, parchment, blanketing, and shoes that he had sent for and has yet to receive. He asks for the materials to be sent as soon as John Norton can and for him to include a bonnet for his wife with the shipment. Wythe refers to his letter sent on August 8th where he asked for a post chariot with a specific device painted on it and reminds Norton that he will pay for it when he can. For the second time since he first ordered them, Wythe asks after the Journals of the House of Burgesses that he has yet to receive. Wythe asks that Norton send a copper plate with an engraving of the arms of Virginia along with some impressions of it to be put in the books that are in the House of Burgesses.

Letter text

Mr. John Norton
Merchant in London

Dear Sir,

I wrote many months ago to messrs. James Buchanan and company for an elegant set of table and tea china, with bowls of the same of different sizes, decanters and drinking glases, an handsome service of glass for a dessert, four middlesized and six lesser dishes, and three dozen plates of hard metal, 100 skins of writing parchment proper for enrolling our acts of assembly on, several bundles of best quilt, two pieces of blanketing and as many of rolls for servants, 10 or 12 pairs of shoes and two slippers for myself, and one or two other articles which I do not recollect. At that time there was due to me about thirty pounds, I believe, for I have mislaid their last account current; and besides I had shipped four hogsheads of tobacco to that house. The goods have not come to hand, neither have I yet an account of sales of the tobacco. If they have not sent, nor design to send the goods I desire you will be so kind as let me have them, with a bonnet for mrs. Wythe, and present the inclosed order and receive the balance. A few days since I desired you would procure for me an handsome well built chariot, with the device now sent painted on it, for which you may depend on a seasonable remittance. I again beg the favour of your attention to the affair of the journals. If they are not to be procured let me be informed what 120 printed copies of them to the year 1752 will cost. If they do not exceed the sum I suppose, the assembly, I doubt not, will defray the expense. The prospect of a benefit to me, I flatter myself, will not only excuse the earnestness and frequency of my importunities, but stimulate your endeavours to serve me in this business. You will oblige me by sending a copper plate, with the arms of Virginia neatly engraved and some impressions of them to be pasted on the books belonging to the house of burgesses. If any additions are made on the plate in consequence of what is proposed within, I will cheerfully pay the extraordinary cost. J. H. N. left us a day or two ago in good health &c. I forgot to mention that I had drawn bills on messrs. Jas Buchanan and company for about sixteen pounds payable to mr. James Cocke, I am,

Dear Sir.

Your sincere friend and well wisher.
G. Wythe.
Aug. 18th 1768

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