Wythe to John Norton, 13 June 1768

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George Wythe writes to John Norton asking him to send duplicates of the Journals of the House of Burgesses from when Virginia was first settled in 1624 until 1752.

Letter text

Mr. John Norton
Merchant in London

Dear Sir,

The governours of Virginia by a royal instruction, have from time to time transmitted to the king, secretary of state, Lords of trade, &c two or more duplicates of the journals of the house of burgesses, after every session of the general assembly. The reason of ordering everal to be sent is supposed to be for the better assurance of one coming to hand, so that the other it is imagined, can be of little or no use. If I could procure one sett of those duplicates, from the first settlement of this colony til the year 1752, I expect it will be of considerable advantage to me. Your inquiring into this matter, conferring with Mr Montagu on the subject, and taking proper and effectual measures to obtain the papers desired, (or even copies of them if the other is not practicable,) so as it be not made public nor attended with great expense will be esteemed a very friendly office. I am, <

Dear Sir, <

Your most obedient servant
G. Wythe
June 13th 1768.

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