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Colonel William Cabell, Jr. (March 25, 1759 – November 2, 1822) was the son of Colonel William Cabell and Margaret Jordan Cabell, born in Amherst County, Virginia (now Nelson Co.).[1] In 1775 William, Sr. built Union Hill, a home along the James River, which the younger William would inherit upon his death in 1803.[2]

The second of seven children, William, Jr. was taught by series of private tutors, sometimes boarding at their homes with his older brother, Samuel Jordan Cabell. William later went on to attend Hampden-Sydney Academy, from August, 1777 until April, 1779. In May, 1779 he entered the College of William & Mary, where he remained until September, 1780. He was treasurer of Phi Beta Kappa during this time,[3] and may have attended law classes with George Wythe.[4]

During the American Revolution, Cabell served as major in the Amherst County Militia (ultimately rising to the rank of lieutenant colonel in 1798),[5] and he served as a member of the Virginia General Assembly from 1789 through 1791, and again from 1793 through 1797.[6]

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