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Linda's Wishlist
Items at other institutions needed for Wythepedia

To Do List

  • Add book references from cases to book pages and case pages
  • Fetch everything Wythe from Colonial America; get permission from The Queen
  • Finish Tazewell
  • Get Swem to digitize Marshall's law notes and add
  • Finish book pages for non-W&M books
  • Various biographies
  • Blurbs for letter/article pages
  • Subjects such as Wythe and Religion
  • Check Imogene Brown references for new sources
  • Check Clarkin references for new sources
  • Check Dill references for new sources
  • Check Hemphill references (spreadsheet)
  • Check Kirtland references for new sources
  • Add page for "Did Wythe own this book?" - mention extra Brown titles, representative of his time titles
  • Add Wirt to Monroe letter
  • Add Wirt to Mrs. Wirt letter
  • Summarize or transcribe section on Virginia in South in American Literature (p.94-98)
  • Virginia Gazette articles
  • Wythe cases spreadsheet
  • Check Swem holdings for possible Wythe collection books not owned by Law.
  • Review searches on ABEbooks.
  • Nicholas and George Wythe by Sims
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When books are added to Wythe Collection

  • Add images to Flickr
  • Upload appropriate images to Wythepedia (title page, bookplates, inscriptions, frontispiece, marginalia, etc).
  • Change book's page from NoBookInfoBox to BookPageInfoBox and update information:
|author=[[:Category: Author Name|Author Name]]
|lang=[[:Category: English|English]]
|publoc=[[:Category: London|London]]
|desc=[[:Category: Folios|Folio]] 
  • Add to page:
==Description of the Wolf Law Library's copy==
Bound in ...

Images of the library's copy of this book are [ available on Flickr.] View the record for this book in [ William & Mary's online catalog.]
<span style="color: #115740; font-weight: bold;">Held by W&M Law Library.</span> 

New pages


"innercollapse" and "outercollapse"

Using this pair of classes, it is possible to make a table collapsed by default only when it is contained within a particular object, such as another table. This is mainly useful for tables inside templates, which are often nested. Code entered Output produced

This table does not collapse
But the table inside this cell
Does collapse
Hiding this part

This table does not collapse But the table inside this cell [show]Does collapse