Henrici Mori Cantabrigiensis Opera Omnia tum Quae Latine, tum Quae Anglice Scripta

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by Henry More

Henrici Mori Cantabrigiensis Opera Omnia
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Title not held by The Wolf Law Library
at the College of William & Mary.
Author Henry More
Published Londini: Typis J. Macock, impensis J. Martyn & Gault. Kettilby, sub insignibus Campanae, & Capitis Episcopi in Coemeterio D. Pauli
Date 1679
Volumes volume set

More was a rationalist theologian.[1] He attempted to use the details of 17th-century mechanical philosophy—as developed by René Descartes—to establish the existence of immaterial substance.[2] He was a prolific writer of verse and prose. The Divine Dialogues (1688), a treatise which condenses his general view of philosophy and religion. Like many others he began as a poet and ended as a prose writer. This work was a folio of all of his works, translated into Latin at the urging of a friend as it was believed this would help his works be remembered as classics.[3]

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