"Virginia, June General Court, 1806"

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Detail from page three of the Richmond Enquirer for June 24, 1806, stating the the Virginia General Court will wear black arm bands for three months in memory of George Wythe, who died on June 8.

A small item appears in the Richmond Enquirer for June 24, 1806,[1] stating that the General Court of Virginia has elected to wear black arm bands for three months, in memory of George Wythe, who died on June 8th.

Article text, 24 June 1806

Page 3


In Testimony of the high respect of this Court for the eminent public services and veneration for the private virtues of GEORGE WYTHE, late Chancellor of the Richmond District:

Resolved, That the members of this court will wear crape on the left arm for three months, as mourning. A Copy—Teste,


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