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American Antiquarian Society

  • Bookplate of George Wythe, Virginia. Metal plate on wood. 8.5 x 7.5 cm. Box 22 Bookplates, etc. AAS related Matrices: Proceedings, etc. BIB 523518.

American Philosophical Society

Richard Henry Lee Papers, 1766-1823, Mss.B.L51. Finding aid.

  • Lee, Richard Henry, 1732-1794. ALS to [George Wythe] 1766, July 25, 3p. Vindication against being friendly to the Stamp Act.
  • Wythe, George, 1726-1806. ALS to Richard Henry Lee, 1777 Aug. 24, 2p.
  • Wythe, George, 1726-1806. ALS to Richard Henry Lee, 1777 Oct. 18, 1p.
  • Lee, Richard Henry, 1732-1794. ADfS to George Wythe, 1777 Oct. 19, 3p.
  • Wythe, George, 1726-1806. ALS to Richard Henry Lee, 1777 Nov. 6, 2p.
  • Wythe, George, 1726-1806. ALS to Richard Henry Lee, 1778 Aug. 1, 1p.

Thomas Jefferson papers, 1775-1825, Mss.B.J35 Finding aid.

  • B J35.51 no.2. Wythe, George, 1726-1806. Letter to Thomas Jefferson, April 5, 1775, 12-3/4x7-1/2, Box 1. Williamsburg, L. 1p. Copy. (see T.Jefferson. Correspondence...; 1775-1784. no.2.) Printed: Boyd, I, 163. On same sheet is letter from same to same; April 7, 1775.
  • B J35.51 no.2. Wythe, George, 1726-1806. Letter to Thomas Jefferson, April 7, 1775, 12-3/4x7-1/2, Box 1. L. 2p. Copy. (see T.Jefferson. Correspondence...; 1775-1784. no.2.) Printed: Boyd, I, 163-164. On same sheet as same to same; April 5, 1775.
  • B J35.51 no.20. United States. Continental Congress. Resolution, June 24, 1776 11-3/4x7-1/2, Box 1. D. 1p. Copy. (see T.Jefferson. Correspondence...; 1775-1784. no.20.) Defining treason to the colonial cause. On same sheet as copy of letter from G. Wythe to T.Jefferson; July 27, 1776.
  • B J35.51 no.20. Wythe, George, 1726-1806. Letter to T[homas] J[efferson], July 27, 1776, 11-3/4x7-1/2 and 12-3/4x7-1/2, Box 1. Williamsburg, L. 2p. Copy. (see T.Jefferson. Correspondence...; 1775-1784. no.20.) Printed: Boyd, I, 476-477. On same sheet is copy of resolution by the continental congress; June 24, 1776.
  • B J35.51 no.23. Wythe, George, 1726-1806. Letter to T[homas] J[efferson], November 11, 1776, 6-3/4x6-1/4, Box 1. L. 1p. Copy. (see T. Jefferson. Correspondence...; 1775-1784. no.23.) Printed: Boyd, I, 597-598.
  • B J35.51 no.24. Wythe, George, 1726-1806. Letter to T[homas] J[efferson], November 18, 1776, 12-3/4x7-1/4, Box 1. Philadelphia, L. 2p. Copy. (see T.Jefferson. Correspondence...; 1775-1784. no.24.) Printed: Boyd, I, 603-604.
  • B J35.70. Jefferson, Thomas, 1743-1826. Notes for the biography of George Wythe, Undated, 11x8-1/2, Box 3. Xerox of A.D. 3p. Emphasizes Wythe's part in the Stamp Act crisis and the Revolutionary War. Presented by Herbert R. Strauss; May 1972.

Documents, 1728-1816, relating to the province of Pennsylvania and to the American Revolution, 1728-1819, Mss.974.8.D65 Finding aid.

  • 974.8 D65. 38. Wythe, George, 1726-1806. Draft of Resolution in Relation to British Hostilities, 1775, 2p. Introduction to a Congress Resolution. In handwriting of George Wythe. (in Documents relating to the province of Pennsylvania and to the American revolution. No. 38) Manuscript.

Charles Coleman Sellers Collection, Circa 1940-1978, Mss.Ms.Coll.3 Finding aid.

  • Series I. Charles Willson Peale Portraits & Miniatures, Box 1-14. Wythe, George. [Most files include photographs of the art work, notes on the piece, and correspondence with authorities or owners.]

Benjamin Franklin Papers Part 1 -- Letters to Franklin, 1730-1776, Mss.B.F85inventory01 Finding aid.

  • II, 28. Wythe, George, 1726-1806. to Benjamin Franklin, 1766 June 23, A.L.S. 1p., II, 28. Virginia. Begging Franklin to recommend his promotion in the House of Burgesses; promises to be an exception to a quotation from Tacitus regarding ingratitude. (Partially mutilated.)

Benjamin Franklin Papers Part 2 -- Letters to Franklin, 1777-1778 March, Mss.B.F85inventory02 Finding aid.

  • VII, 19. Wythe, George, 1726-1806. to Benjamin Franklin, 1777 September 6, A.L.S. 1p. VII, 19. Williamsburg. Introducing Thomas Shore, a young gentleman of Virginia about to embark for Europe.

Colonial Williamsburg Rockefeller Library

  • Bookplate collection. Special Collections MS 1990.1 Catalog
  • A Collection of Entrees (London: In aedibus Richardi Tottel, Cum pr iuilegio, 1574). Special Collections Oversize, KD318 .R3 Catalog Microform?
  • Papers, 1763-1824. George Wythe material in Jefferson Papers (CWF M-18). Special Collections PH 14. Catalog Photocopies.
  • Papers: In the Baylor Family Papers, 1714-1950 and n.d., 34 items. Other authors include George Wythe.
  • Papers: In the Public Hospital for Persons of Insane and Disordered Minds Court of Directors Minutes, 1770-1801, 1 volume. Other authors include George Wythe.

Includes Wythe's bookplate

  • Homer. Ομηρου Οδυσσεια. Homeri Odyssea Græca. Oxonii: 1750. Catalog
  • Rastell, William. A Collection of Entries of Declarations, Barres, Replications, Rejoynders, Issues, Verdicts, Judgements, Executions, Proces, Continuances, Essoynes, and Divers Other Matters Newly Amended and Much Enlarged with Many Good Presidents of Later Time, Whereof Divers are upon Sundry Statutes, and Noted in the End of the Table: the New Presidents throughout the Book, and likewise their Titles in the Table, have this Mark [fingerpost] set before Them: by the Authors Epistle, and Directions Therein, .... London: Printed by John Streater, James Flesher, and Henry Twyford, assigns of Richard Atkins and Edward Atkins ... and are to be sold by George Sawbridge, 1670.

Inscribed by Wythe

  • Jefferson, Thomas. Notes on the State of Virginia; written in the Year 1781, somewhat corrected and enlarged in the Winter of 1782, for the use of a Foreigner of Distinction,… [Paris]: 1782 [1784-85]. 1st edition [Inscribed on the front blank leaf: The Gift of the Honbl. George Wythe To Upton Beall May 10th 1787. Virginia & Maryland. It is also inscribed on the first page: Upton Beale/ To gift the Honb. G. Wythe.
  • Lucretius Carus, Titus. T. Lucretius Carus, Of the Nature of Things, in Six Books. Translated by Thomas Creech. 2nd edition. London: 1714-15. [Title page of first volume inscribed, Of Doctor James Blair's executor bought by G. Wythe.]

Inscribed to Wythe

  • Adams, John. Thoughts on Government; Applicable to the Present State of the American Colonies. Boston: 1776. Reprint ed. [Inscribed From John Adams to George Wythe]

Duke University

  • Robert Carter of Nomini Hall to George Wythe, 19 January 1779 (letterpress copy), Durham, North Carolina, Duke University, William R. Perkins Library, Robert Carter Letterbooks, III (2), 90-91. Cited in Kirtland, 1983 (p.30). Letters quoted in First Emancipator: "I do in behalf of your immortal soul, call on you to Supplicate the throne of Grace, to comunicate to your Soul experimental Religion." (Levy, 2005). Finding aid.

Fraunces Tavern Museum

  • Wythe, George. Loan form, signed. Feb. 7, 1782. MS274. Catalog. Photocopy at Colonial Williamsburg: Certificate: United States Loan Office funds transferred by George Wythe, Richmond, to Pearson Hunt, Philadelphia, PH 00 11 Feb 1792.

Harvard University

  • Counterfeiting. Law on counterfeiting Bills of Credit passed, July 3, 1766, by Va. House of Burgesses. (MS Sparks 71) Mss. Va., 2-3. Jared Sparks collection of American manuscripts, 1560-1843. Houghton Library, Harvard College Library, Harvard University. Finding aid. Cited in Hemphill, "Colonial Briton," p. 258.
  • Duane, James, 1733-1797. Transcript of L.s. (Jas. Duane [and 4 others]) to George Wythe; New York, 9 Apr 1785. [2]p. (141) John Lowell papers, 1629-1894. Houghton Library, Harvard College Library, Harvard University. Finding aid.
  • GEORGE WYTHE: Virginia. Treasury. Ms.: two pages from an account book of payments for salaries, etc., including a signed receipt by George Wythe. [Richmond, Va.? Oct 1789] [2]p. Included also is an entry signed: [Patrick] Henry. (40) John Hubbard collection of letters and documents of signers of the Declaration of Independence, 1750-1933. Houghton Library, Harvard College Library, Harvard University, MS Am 1300-1300.2 ‡MS Am 1300.1 ‡MS Am 1300.2, pfMS Am 1300, (40). Finding aid. HOLLIS
  • Lee, Richard Henry, 1732-1794. A.L.s. to Patrick Henry; Philadelphia, 17 Sep 1776. 1s.(3p.). (24) Frederick M. Dearborn collection of military and political Americana, Part I: The Revolution and the Administration, 1669-1958. Houghton Library, Harvard College Library, Harvard University, MS Am 1649.1-1649.23, bMS Am 1649.3. Finding aid. (Note "Wythe" says see #24.) HOLLIS
  • Wythe, G. To Washington ? MS Sparks 63, (MS Sparks 63), b, Wash. Addresses, 47. HOLLIS

Haverford College Library

  • Ms. of George Wythe, July 10, 1755, Roberts Autograph Collection, Haverford College Library. 'The earliest available writing from Wythe's pen now known to be extant constitutes a signed order for certain merchandize, but exactly what the articles he desired were is a matter of conjecture: "an aelolipyle a receiver and wood cup for shower of Mercury to be had of Naime and Blunt mr Shermer will be so good as [to] procure for G. Wythe."'
  • George Wythe to Thomas Burke, August 9, 1775, Roberts Autograph Collection, Haverford College Library. A facsimile of this letter is in the New York Historical Society Library.
  • Ms. copy in the handwriting of George Wythe, with his signature, of a portion of the minutes for November 29, 1753, Roberts Autograph Collection, Haverford College Library. 'Perhaps it was about this time, too, that Wythe extracted from the minutes of the House in 1753 for an unknown purpose an except recording the Burgesses' treatment of a man who had used abusive language in addressing one of their members.'

Huntington Library

Johns Hopkins Libraries

Library of Congress

Manuscript Division

  • Original documents of the Oaths of Allegiance to George II and George III (Miscellaneous Virginia, 1606-1772) with signatures of George Wythe. See: Leola O. Walker, "Officials in the City Government of Colonial Williamsburg," 75 The Virginia Magazine of History and Biography (Jan.1967), p.35-36, note 1-2.
  • Acts passed at a General Assembly begun and held in the town of Richmond, On thursday, the 1st. day of march, in the year of our Lord 1781. Richmond. Printed by John Dixon and Thomas Nicolson. A Manuscript copy of the above printed acts, in the handwriting of Thomas Jefferson, the title as above, and text neatly written on both sides of six folio leaves, 12 pages, followed by a blank leaf. At the end, in Jefferson's hand, is: Collated with the printed acts by with the autograph signature of G. Wythe in stipple. Sowerby [1855]

Library of Virginia

  • Proceedings of a meeting held at the Capitol in the city of Richmond for the purposes of forming a Republican ticket to be submitted to the freeholders of the State of Virginia at the ensuing election of electors to choose President and Vice-President, 1800 Jan. 21-27 Jan. Catalog
  • William Allason. Records, 1722-1847. Accession 13, Business records collection, The Library of Virginia, Richmond, Virginia. Finding aid
  • Copy of an account, 1761, taken from the book of proportions and signed by George Wythe (1726-1806), clerk of the House of Burgesses. Harrison, Mary Bain. Collection of manuscript items, 1756-1865. Accession 33794. Catalog.
  • Plan settled by the Committee of Revisors in Fredricksburg January 1777, 1777 Jan. 13. 22066b. Item is part of the Tazewell family papers, 1771-1867 (accession 22066) which has been consolidated with other Tazewell family material under accession 24194.
  • In the High Court of Chancery, March 16, 1798 : between Robert Pleasants, son and heir of John Pleasants, dec’d. Pltf. and Mary Logan, widow and administratix of Charles Logan, and divisee of John Pleasants and Jonathan Pleasants ... defendants. [Virginia? : s.n., 1824?]. KFV2931.A8 P7 Catalog
  • Elizabeth City County Personal Property Taxes, 1783, 5, 1784, 11, microfilm, Library of Virginia, Richmond. Cited in McKnight, "Lydia Broadnax, Slave, and Free Woman of Color" (1994).
  • Catalogue of a valuable collection of old American law books,: the property of John Thompson Brown, esq., of Evington, Campbell County, Virginia (1913).
  • Bolling v. Bolling. Bolling family court case, 1764 [microform]. 41008 Miscellaneous reel 5247. Original at the Huntington Library. Catalog
  • Proceedings of the State Conference, Virginia Daughters of the National Society Daughters of the American Revolution, 1922 (Wythe monument ceremony) Catalog
  • "A Venerable Old Tree." The Times (Richmond, VA), Sunday, October 28, 1894, p. 1. Cutting in Wythe's Bible, UVA Virginia Chronicle
  • "Memoranda Concerning the Death of Chancellor Wythe—Signed in the Aut[o]g[rap]h. of T[homas] H. Wynne and rec'd by him from Dr. John Dove, Sept. 16, 1856," MS. in the Brock Collection, Henry E. Huntington Library and Art Gallery. Catalog
  • Order Book No. 6, 1804-1806, and Minutes No. 3, 1802-1806 [microform]. Contains witness testimony for Commonwealth v Swinney. Reproduced in Hemphill, "Examinations of George Wythe Swinney for Forgery and Murder: A Documentary Essay" (1955).
  • The case of Overtons mill : prolegomena, in the Richmond common-law district court, Elizabeth Overton and Richard Overton, plaintiffs, against David Ross, defendent. [Richmond, Va.? : s.n., 1803?] ***George Wythe Decision NOT in Case Reports***

Maine Historical Society

  • George Wythe to an unknown addressee, December 22, 1773, Autograph Collection of the Signers of the Declaration of Independence, Maine Historical Society Library. Cited in Hemphill, "Colonial Briton." Fogg, J. S. H. (John Samuel Hill), 1826-1893, Autograph collection?


  • The Iliad of Homer translated by Alexander Pope, v.I (1750) includes George Wythe bookplate.

Morgan Library & Museum

  • "Autograph letter: to Thomas Jefferson." Endorsed by Jefferson./ Written on behalf of "The friends of Alexander Quarrier."/ With a note dated "Philadelphia, 26 March 1776" and signed by George Wythe, "for himself & his brethren", concerning "Mr. Rubsamen's order for one hundred pounds of Virginia currency" which has been accepted. A published version of this note indicates it was appended to a note from Benjamin Harrison to Robert C. Nicholas on the same date and also concerning orders for Virginia currency./ Part of a collection of autograph letters by the Signers of the Declaration of Independence; see collection-level record for MA 554.1-60 for more information. Accession Number: MA 554.21. Catalog.

Newberry Library

  • Hamilton, Alexander et. al [Collection of autograph letters, signed, written by various people prominent in the early history of the United States] v.p., 17751840. The writers include: George Wythe. Case MS 6A 82
  • Wythe, George [Two autograph leaves] n.p., 17 Case MS 5A 6. [4] p. ; 29 cm. Compiled and written by George Wythe to support his legal opinions probably while on the Virginia High Court of Chancery. Fragment of a larger manuscript of well over 100 pages. Caption, p. [1]: Appendix. Index of cases with page numbers on page [4]. Passages from Thucydides, Homer, Demosthenes (Greek and Latin), Aeschylus, Sophocles, and Herodotus with references to legal cases. Quotations are taken from editions that Wythe owned. His library was bequeathed to Thomas Jefferson. A manuscript list of the titles is held by the Massachusetts Historical Society. Watermark: J. Larkin. Accompanied by mounted portrait of Wythe (dated 1888) Catalog.

New Jersey Historical Society

  • Correspondence and documents of George Wythe. Manuscript Group 25, Miscellaneous Manuscripts, Manuscript Collection, 1664-1956 Finding aid.

New York Public Library

  • b. 1 f. 19 Stuart, John. Observations on the Memorial of the House of Burgesses of Virginia in relation to the boundary line of the Cherokee country. Certified: A true copy of a paper laid before the House of Burgesses by the Governour. Signed: G. Wythe, C.H.B. Richmond, 1769 [Dec. 1769] copy. Transcript, signed by G. Wythe. Finding aid.

New York State Library

  • Portrait, and A.L.S., September 11, 1783, to Colonel Towles, 1(4)p., United States Declaration of Independence Signers Collection VC17270. Finding aid.

Pennsylvania Historical Society

  • Cooke, John Esten, "George Wythe." 9 small Ms. pp., n. d. Manuscript Biographies Collection, Pennsylvania Historical Society Library. Cited in Hemphill, "Colonial Briton."
  • George Wythe to Major John West, July 14, 1757, Etting Collection, Pennsylvania Historical Society Library. Cited in Hemphill, "Colonial Briton."
  • Petition of John Randolph, February 12, 1773, Gratz Collection, Pennsylvania Historical Society Library. Cited in Hemphill, "Colonial Briton."
  • James Hubbard, George Wythe, and John Dixon to the Speaker of the Convention, August 12, 1775, Gratz Collection, Pennsylvania Historical Society Library.

Rosenbach Museum & Library

  • Wythe, George, 1726-1806; Order, 1761 Sept. 10, to the sheriff of Loudoun County, Va. Autograph document signed by Wythe as a justice of Loudoun County ordering the sheriff to summon John Davis to appear in court to answer the charge of permitting unlawful gaming in his house. In Rosenbach, A. S. W. (Abraham Simon Wolf), 1876-1952, collector. Signers of the Declaration of Independence (CStRLIN)PARR87-A22.

Smith College

  • Wythe's opinion about the will of William West concerns the division of West's estate to "the other children." Included in the division is the value of slaves, surplus crop and outstanding debts. At the end of the document is a concurrence by Ro. C. Nicholas, 1772 Apr. 11. Catalog record.

Swem Library

  • Series 1: GROUP A: Coalter and Tucker Papers, 1780-1858, Subseries 1: John Coalter, 1780-1822, Box 1: Folder 15: John Coalter, in Williamsburg to Michael Coalter, January - November, 1789, 6 letters; Folder 34: William Munford, Williamsburg, to John Coalter, June 13, 1790; Folder 40: William Munford, Williamsburg, to John Coalter, April - May, 1791, 3 letters. (Physical Location: For letter of 23 April 1791 see Medium Oversize File.); Folder 44: William Munford, Williamsburg, to John Coalter, June - August, 1791, 4 letters. (Physical Location: For letter of 22 July 1791 see Medium Oversize File.); Folder 47: William Munford, Richmond and Riveredge, to John Coalter, September - October 1791, 2 letters. Finding aid
  • License, 1775 June 10, to practice law in the county courts of Virginia, signed by George Wythe and John Randolph. catalog.
  • St. George Tucker, Doctorate of Civil Law from the College of William and Mary. University Archives Diploma Collection, 1756-1984, Drawer 6: S-U, Folder 22. Temple seal.
  • Richmond Enquirer, June 13, 1806 Catalog
  • Richmond Argus, June 13, 1806 Catalog
  • Papers: ca. 1781-1927, 56 items. Database

The papers of George Wythe contain copies of letters, 1781-1783, from George Wythe, one to John Adams and another to Thomas Jefferson concerning the use of the College of William and Mary as a hospital. Also included is a magazine article about George Wythe, a newspaper copy of William Munford’s oration at George Wythe’s funeral, and correspondence of Robert M. Hughes from 1921 concerning a monument for George Wythe’s grave. The papers also contain several engravings of George Wythe.

  • Papers: In the Patrick Henry Papers, ca. 1778-1927, 30 items. Correspondents include George Wythe. An inventory is available in the library.
  • Papers: In the Francis Little Collection, 1770-1864, 6 items. Other authors include George Wythe.

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University of California, Berkeley

  • Letter to George Wythe : Williamsburg, Va. : LS, 1777 Oct. 22. Communicating to the Assembly the current status of the Revolution and other matters relating to government. Typed transcript included. Catalog.

University of Chicago

  • Virginia, Letter signed : Williamsburg, Va., to George Rogers Clark, n.p., 1778 Jan. 3. Signed by George Wythe, George Mason, and Thomas Jefferson. Members of the Virginia General Assembly congratulate Clark on his appointment as the leader of a military expedition to the Northwest. They assure Clark that he and his men will receive bounties of land as compensation. Historical Manuscripts Collection 1409-1977. Finding aid.

University of Pennsylvania

  • Letter to Alexander Donald, 1790 April 20. George Wythe writes to Alexander Donald regarding the rate of engage and the price of tobacco. Hale Signers Collection. Folder 57. Catalog.

University of South Carolina

  • Weems, M.L., "The Honest Lawyer: An Anecdote," The Times (Charleston, S.C.), July 1, 1806. (In W&M Quarterly 25. Source of National Intelligencer article, July 25, 1806?) Catalog

University of Virginia

  • Autographs and signed legal documents of noted Americans [manuscript] 1790-1824. Catalog record.
  • Decisions of Cases in Virginia, by the High Court of Chancery (1795). Jefferson's copy, but also has Appendix with Greek, like Wythe's? Catalog record.
  • Wythe draft of Chancery decree in litigation on Patrick Henry's estate, Aylitt v. Henry's Exors. - manuscript room.
  • An exact abridgement of all the public acts of Assembly of Virginia, Not Wythe Catalog record.
  • License, 1774 March 3, to Joseph Prentis. Webb-Prentis Papers? UVA record says: "This collection was given to the Library on 15 May 1978 by Mrs. Robert H. Webb, Charlottesville, Virginia, and Dr. Joseph Prentis Webb, Central Lake, Michigan." Rockefeller library record says: "Attached is a photo enlargement of wax seals of John Randolph and George Wythe. Facsimile. Meriden, Conn.: Meriden Gravure, Ltd., 1980. Original owned by Dr. Joseph Webb. Central Lake, Michigan."
  • Microfilm: Ledger of Williamsburg, Va., merchant [manuscript] 1784-1789. Catalog record.
  • Opinion on the title of Romancocke Plantation, King and Queen County, Virginia, signed by Wythe on behalf of George Washington [manuscript] 1773 Dec. 15. MSS 3615-a Autograph Folder 2 Catalog record.
  • Papers: n.d. and 1775, 2 items. A letter signed by George Wythe to an unidentified correspondent [Elbridge Gerry?] on October 24, 1775. An engraving of George Wythe accompanies the letter.
  • Papers: 1776, 1 item. A letter from George Wythe to John Page written on October 7, 1776. In the letter, George Wythe writes that he fears “evil consequences” will result from the unsuccessful peace conference on Staten Island between Lord Howe and Adams, Franklin and Rutledge. He reports on the course of the war in New York, confirming the defeat and retreat at Kip’s Bay, and the counter-attack at Harlem Heights in which Major Andrew Leitch was mortally wounded. George Wythe has been informed that the army is not discouraged and wishes to continue fighting. He also promises to forward a seal and notes in a postscript that General Lee has come to Philadelphia on his way to Washington’s headquarters in New York. An engraving of Wythe accompanies the letter.
  • Papers: In the Papers pertaining to Thomas Jefferson or the Jefferson and Randolph family, 1747-1827, 434 items. The collection contains papers of the law firm of George Wythe and Robert Carter Nicholas, Williamsburg, Va., 1740-1769. Catalog record.
  • Papers of the Lee family [manuscript] 1750-1809, George Wythe to Richard Henry Lee, February 14, 1766, Lee Papers, University of Virginia Library. George Wythe to Richard Henry Lee, March 31, 1768. Catalog record.
  • Papers: Prentis Family correspondence [manuscript] 1767-1829. Catalog record.

Virginia Historical Society

  • In the Court of Appeals: the case of John Hook, appellant, vs. David Ross, appellee: on an appeal from the High Court of Chancery. K 110 H607 1802 Rare Books.
  • Preston family. Papers, 1773-1862, of the Preston family of "Smithfield," Montgomery County, Va. Mss1 P9267 d 7-255 (M-W) Manuscripts, Section 4 (McDowell-Winder) or Mss1 P9267 b 21-39 Manuscripts, Section 7. William Munford account of Wythe's death.
  • Letter[s] from George Wythe. Adams Family Papers, 1672-1792. Section 6. Mss1 Ad198 a 12-167.
  • Opinion, n.d., of George Wythe concerning religion. Papers, 1672-1792. Section 17. Mss1 Ad198 a 221-222.
  • Bazile, Leon M. "Discourse refuting statements made that George Wythe at one time led a life of dissipation." 4pp. Mss7:1 W9974:1
  • [P]roceedings, exhibits, decrees, and other records from the lawsuit of Wakelyn Welch, surviving partner of Robert Cary and Company of London v. the executors of Thomas Mann Randolph (a British debt case that concerns in part the sale of "Middle Quarter Plantation" and its Negro slaves to Wickham in 1800) signed by George Wythe and bearing a seal of the Virginia High Court of Chancery. Wickham Family Papers, 1754-1977, Mss 1 W6326 c FA2. Series 3: John Wickham (1763-1839), Richmond, Va., Box 1 (cont.) Series 3.2: Land records and miscellany. Guide.

Yale University

  • Declaration of Independence, July 4, 1776: Detail of George Wythe (after restoration). Catalog record.
  • Writ appointing a commission of five men to take testimony in the kingdom of Great Britain on behalf of Robert Bristoe (signed by Peter Tinsley). Law Library Rare >> MssX no.191 tall. Rare36 11-0299.