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Assigned Projects

  • Case reports - Fred
  • Letters and papers - Andy
  • Descriptions of our copies of Wythe Collection books - Linda and GRFs
  • Scans of title pages and illustrations from each Wythe Collection book - Linda and GRFs
  • Pictures of each signature or bookplate from the Known Surviving Wythe Volumes - Steve and Linda
  • Duval-Jefferson correspondence regarding Wythe's death and his will - Linda
  • Jefferson-Sanderson correspondence - Linda
  • Metadata for uploaded images - Jonathan


  • Information about each book in the George Wythe Collection as it relates to history of legal education or history of law - this could include publishing history as well
  • Aspects of Wythe's Life
    • Early life
    • Career as a Lawyer
    • Early Career as a Politician (including service as clerk in House of Burgesses to Privileges and Elections, and Propositions and Grievances Committees)
    • John Robinson Scandal
    • Revolutionary Activities (including Continental Congress)
    • Rivalry with Edmund Pendleton
    • Position on Slavery?
    • Judicial Career
    • Bios of Letter Writers and Uncle Judge Billy
  • Wythe's Students
  • Blurbs or reviews of Wythe biographies
  • Pictures and scans to spruce up article pages
  • Macclesfield page linking pages with bookplate and Wythe comparisons
  • Foulis Press page linking to Foulis books

Please see the Wanted Pages to see a list of needed pages.


  • Bolling v. Bolling - Michael
  • Chair of Professor of Law and Police - Lauren*Wythe's use of classical and civil law citations - Jim
  • Commonwealth v. Caton - Michael
  • Reactions to Wythe's death by leaders of the day, students, etc. Check Marshall papers and Tucker-Coleman papers at Swem. - Paul
  • Wythe the teacher - Jim