Wythe to St. George Tucker, 22 April 1774

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George Wythe tells St. George Tucker that he should let his client know of any errors in the case that he could take advantage of. Wythe says that Tucker is not restrained by any agreement that says he cannot give the information.

"Wythe to St George Tucker, 22 April 1774." In the Tucker-Coleman Papers, Special Collections Research Center, Swem Library, College of William and Mary.

Letter text

Dear Sir,

I think your client ought to be informed of any error in the proceeding which he may take advantage of; nor do I see how, you are restrained from giving that information by an agreement to which your were not a party, and presently have resolved not to accede. The general court, regardless of such agreements, have reversed the judgments in all cases where the declarations have not been filed. I am

Dear Sir,
Sincerely your well wisher
22 April 1774

G. Wythe

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