Wythe to John Norton, 9 May 1768

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George Wythe writes to the merchant John Norton asking him to send a variety of products that mainly consist of fabrics for his wife. Wythe tells Norton that he has already paid J. H. Norton, Wythe's cousin, for everything. Along with his own order, Wythe says that he has told J. H. Norton to send John Norton tobacco.

Letter text

Mr. John Norton
Merchant in London

Dear Sir;

I have paid to my cousin J.H. Norton thirty seven pounds and ten shillings for which he will desire you to credit my account with thirty pounds Sterling. I have also given him orders for four hogsheads of tobacco to be shipped to you. Be pleased to send me a piece of cambric and another of lawn, one pair of satin and five pair of callimancho or lasting shoes with full heels and a stain cloak for mrs. Wythe, and a piece of irish linen 2/6 per yard, two large damask table cloths, and four small huckaback, six pair of cotton stockings, and two of black silk for myself, a dark tie wig and a sett of balloting glasses such as are used in the house of commons. Mr. Waldron may send me two pair of black Manchester velvet breeches and a suit of very fine light cloath fit for our hot summers with a silk waistcoat and pair of silk breeches besides. With my best wishes for yours and all your family’s health and prosperity I am

Dear Sir, Your most obed Serv.

G. Wythe
May 9, 1768

Be pleased to add a black Russells coat for mrs. Wythe, and a piece of fine pocket handkerchiefs.

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