Wythe to John Norton, 15 May 1768

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George Wythe asks John Norton to send him Journals of the House of Commons, an inkstand, a treatise by Sir James Steuart, and Fawkes' Theocritus.

Letter text

Mr. John Norton
Merchant in London

Dear Sir,

I beg the favour of you to send me the printed journals of the house of commons from September 1766, (until which I have them compleat), and of every future session so soon as they are published, an handsome large inkstand fit for a public office, a treatise concerning money-matters, (I think the title is “Of civil oeconomy”) written by sir James Stewart, and Fawkes’s Theocritus. I am


Your most obed serv.
G. Wythe
May 15, 1768

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