Thomas Greenough to Wythe, John Adams, & Silas Deane, 22 December 1775

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"Thomas Greenough to Committee of Congress, 22 December 1775." Image from The Papers of the Continental Congress, 1774-1789.

Thomas Greenough writes to George Wythe, John Adams, and Silas Deane informing them that he was forced to leave his home in Boston without taking any possessions besides a plate and a bed.[1] Since taking refuge in New Haven, he has heard that everything on Noodle's Island, located in the Boston Harbor, was burned by the Provincials, a loyalist group of soldiers under British command[2]. Greenough encloses his estimate of what was lost and their value. He writes to Wythe, Adams, and Deane because they are members of the committee that deal with collecting the accounts of the hostilities of troops or naval forces on the colonies.

Letter text


New Haven Dec. 22th 1775

I was an inhabitant of Boston and by the oppressive measures exercised their was obliged to leave my Pleasant Habitation with all my furniture, (excepting my Plate and one bed) and came hear for Refuge and Since being hear have been informed that the Provincials. Burnt. all the Houses Stoor and Barnes on Nodles Island. and Seeing an advertisement in the Newspapers, that persons. who Sustained any Losses. was desired to Send to you Gentm. the Partickulers with the evaluation –

I having had the more immediate care of Said Island. many years before it came into our Possession therefore am more knowing as to the buildings and their vallue than my Bretheren. accordingly I have inclosed an Estimate of what I think and belive to be as Just a one as any person can give of the Prems. –

All the Stock House furniture &c belong unto the Tenant Mr. Henry Howell Williams, (Said Island on a lease) who I suppose has or will send you thereof you may Inquire my Carrector if you please Honorables John Hancock Thomas Cushing and Saml. Adams Esq. – from Gentm. Your Obedt. Humbl. Sert.

Mr. Greenough

To Deane Adams & Wythe Esq.

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