Basilii Fabri Sorani Thesaurus Eruditionis Scholasticae

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by Basilius Faber

Thesaurus Eruditionis Scholasticae
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Title not held by The Wolf Law Library
at the College of William & Mary.
Author Basilius Faber
Published Lipsiae: Apud Thomam Fritsch
Date 1710
Volumes volume set
Desc. fol.

Basil Faber (1520-1576) was a Lutheran schoolmaster and theologian born in Sorau (modern Żary), in lower Lusatia. Faber attended the University of Wittenberg, studying under Philipp Melanchthon as a "pauper gratis.'"[1] His best known work, Thesaurus Eruditionis Scholasticae, was "designed to aid composers in imitating classic authors."[2] A Latin encyclopedic dictionary for German readers, it was used as a standard text for German classical education for more than two centuries.[3] Faber published the first edition in 1571. The two-volume folio edition edited by John Henry Leich (Frankfurt, 1749) is considered the best edition.[4]

Evidence for Inclusion in Wythe's Library

Listed in the Jefferson Inventory of Wythe's Library as "Basilii Fabri thesaurus eruditionis Scholasticae. fol." This was one of the titles kept by Thomas Jefferson and later sold to the Library of Congress in 1815. Both the Brown Bibliography[5] and George Wythe's Library[6] on LibraryThing include the 1710 edition published in Leipzig based on Millicent Sowerby's entry in Catalogue of the Library of Thomas Jefferson.[7] Unfortunately, the volume owned by Wythe no longer exists to verify the edition. The Wolf Law Library has yet to purchase a copy.

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