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(Wythe Books Given to Dinsmore by Thomas Jefferson)
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|[Vi?]nnii institutiones. 4<sup>to</sup>.
|[Vi?]nnii institutiones. 4<sup>to</sup>.
|[[Elements of Civil Law|Taylor’s civil law]]. 4<sup>to</sup>.
|[[Elements of the Civil Law|Taylor’s civil law]]. 4<sup>to</sup>.
|[[Rights of War and Peace|Grotius]]
|[[Rights of War and Peace|Grotius]]

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James Dinsmore (c.1771 – 1830) was an Irish joiner who worked at Monticello from 1798 to 1809.[1] When Thomas Jefferson divided Wythe's library, Dinsmore received seven titles.

Wythe Books Given to Dinsmore by Thomas Jefferson

The list below was adapted from the "Library of George Wythe" in the Thomas Jefferson Libraries project on the website for Monticello.[2] The titles in blue link to copies in the Wolf Law Library's George Wythe Collection.

Stewart & Revett’s Antiquities of Athens.
  [ed. some loss] juris civilis. fol.
[H]arris’s Justinian. 4to.
[Vi?]nnii institutiones. 4to.
Taylor’s civil law. 4to.


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