Wythe to Robert C. Nicholas, note, 26 March 1776

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Benjamin Harrison talks about how some money from the Committee of Safety of Virginia has been spent and asks Robert Carter Nicholas to give him an answer to whether the Virginia Delegates will pay an order to a Mr. Matthews. Harrison also mentions Nicholas having sent a letter to his son where he said that the Delegates had set aside money for Harrison's son to pay Captain Innes; however, Harrison says that although no orders had been given to the bank about it, but the debit is still placed on the Harrison's account. On the bottom of the letter sent to Nicholas, George Wythe adds his own note stating that Mr. Rubsamen's order has been presented to the people whom it was drawn on and they have agreed to accept it.

Letter text

March 26th. 1776.

Dr Sir,

I was yesterday reminded by the Presidt of the Congress that the Virga. Delegates stood Charged with an order Deliver'd them Drawn on you for a hundred Pounds Virga. Currency by Mr Mathews, I sometime ago transmitted a Copy of this order to you, but have never been favourd with your an[swe]r whether you would pay it or not, you'l please to Inform us by the next Post.

We advanced Mr Jonston Smith 600 Dollars of the Continental Money put into our Hands for the use of the Committee of Safety of Virga. for which we have his Note to Acct. with you at the rate of six shillings Virga Currency per Dollar, he was out of Cash and would have lost the purchase of 50 muskets if we had not done this, you'l please to Acct. with the Comme. for the money.

I saw a Letter of yours to my Son in answer to one he wrote you, in which you tell him you had made Ample Remittance to your Delegates to enable them to pay Capt. Innis's Balance; as you never had said a Word to us that I know of, no orders had been given to W[illing] & Morris about it, but it is now placed to our debit, and is upwards of seven hundred Pounds. Mr Nelson inform'd me you some time ago (when I was at Baltimore) sent £500 which he had paid those Gentn. If I can get a State of their acct. with us you shall have it inclosed, by it you will find we shall soon want money.

The Order of the Salt Petre maker is come to hand and accepted, when paid it shall be placed to the Credit. of the Country.

I am Dr Sir, your most obedt Servt,
Benj Harrison

for Self and Colleagues
Mr. Rubsamen's order for one hundred pounds, of Virginia currency, hath been presented to the persons upon whom it was drawn; and they have agreed to accept it.

G. Wythe

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