Wythe to John Hatley Norton, 4 December 1785

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George Wythe sends John Hatley Norton a list of the suits Wythe has prosecuted for him and the fees Norton paid for each.

Letter text

John Hatley Norton esq;

Dear Sir On My books is stated an account as below:

dr. John Norton eq. in account with George Wythe-
1769 to a fee for prosecuting your suits against Holt Richeson         2.15.0
    to a fee for prosecuting your suit against Whitinge and Clayton    2.12.6
1770 to a fee for prosecuting your suit against Boswell                    2.12.6
    to a fee for defending you at the suit of Booker in Chancery

Why the last article was not carried out, i do not recollect. but the amount of the others very nearly equals the balance with which i stand charged in the books J. Norton & sons.

be pleased to let me know if this is satisfactory or not.

present my good wishes to mrs. Norton and her young ladies; and believe me to be,

Dear Sir

Your friend
G. Wythe
4 dec. 1785

Your letter dated 2d July came to hand Near the last of November.

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