Wythe, James Wilson & Edward Rutledge to George Morgan, 31 May 1776

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George Wythe, James Wilson, and Edward Rutledge tell George Morgan that the Committee for Indian Affairs had sent two letters a few weeks ago that Morgan should watch for if he has not yet received them. They tell Morgan that he is allowed to buy a horse for Captain White Eyes, an Indian who helped America during the American Revolution, as long as it is of the same value as one taken from young Still. They ask Morgan to talk to Moses Watson to make sure that Still had not been wrongfully detained and have Mr. Speare reimburse the money if he had been.

Letter text

Philadelphia 31 May 1776


Two letters from the committee for Indian Affairs, with the papers inclosed in them, which were forwarded some weeks ago, we hope have come to your hands before this time, and will remove the difficulties you mention in your letter to col. Morris, of the 16th instant. You may purchase a horse for capt. Whiteeyes, of a equal value with that taken from young Still. But we desire you to inquire into the right of Moses Watson to the latter, that he may be obliged to restore him, if wrongfully detained, or that mr Speare if he sold what was another’s property, may reimburse the money. We shall be glad to receive the intelligence you expect to obtain, and we doubt not the continuance of your diligent attention to the affairs of your department. We are, Sir, Your humble servants,

G. Wythe
James Wilson
Edward Rutledge

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