Thomas Jefferson to Wythe, 8 August, 1796

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Thomas Jefferson says that the letter from January 16 talks about preserving Virginia's laws by making copies which he has believed is the best form of preservation since he was young. He asks George Wythe to promote the idea and tells him that he will deal the finding the laborers needed to complete the work.

"Thomas Jefferson to Wythe, 8 August 1796." Image from the Library of Congress, The Thomas Jefferson Papers.

Letter text

Th: Jefferson to George Wythe

The object of my letter of January 16 was the preservation of the laws of this state still in existence; and it is one which I have had much at heart from an early period of my life. of this, the industry I have used in making the collection is sufficient evidence. I consent therefore cheerfully to your making any use of that letter which may promote it’s object. I will take upon me any labor which may be desired in the superintendence of the work, so far as respects the Manuscripts or important part of the laws, if the doing it in my own neighborhood be reconcilable with the plan which shall be adopted. Adieu affectionately.

Monticello Aug. 8. 96.

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