Thomas Jefferson to Wythe, 16 January 1796 (2)

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When Jefferson was trying to get all of the volumes out to Wythe before the wagon left for Varina, Virginia, he forgot to add a few laws. He asks Wythe to add them to the end of the sixth volume. Jefferson also includes information about what he wants the labels on the fifth and eighth volumes to say and the year the sixth volume is to go to. He tells Wythe that he has written him a separate letter about preserving the laws.

"Thomas Jefferson to Wythe, 16 January 1796." Image from the Library of Congress, The Thomas Jefferson Papers.

Letter text

Monticello Jan. 16. 96.

T.J. to G. Wythe.

I was so hurried to get ready my collection of printed laws before the departure of the waggon, that I did the work imperfectly. I have since found the laws of 1702 May & Octob. which I should be glad to have added to the end of my 6th. volume. if you can procure a copy of those of 1773. I will pray you to add it to the end of the 5th. volume, and in both cases to make corresponding changes in the middle one of the three printed labels proposed on these volumes. indeed I would wish the middle label of the Vth. volume to be

Fugitive                                        Fugitive            
Sheets        & of the 8th to be        Sheets
1734-1773                                    1775-1783

I chuse to bring for the VIth. volume to 1783 that it may terminate at the same period with the Chancellors revisal.

I write you a separate letter which perhaps may lead to the preservation of these laws. perhaps your friend mr Taylor, of whom I hear so many good and clever things, may think this business worthy his percentage. Adieu affectionately.

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