Corderii Colloquiorum Centuria Selecta, or A Select Century of Cordery's Colloquies

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by Mathurin Cordier

Cordery's Colloquies
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Title not held by The Wolf Law Library
at the College of William & Mary.
Author Mathurin Cordier
Published :
Edition Precise edition unknown
Volumes volume set

This book was designed for the use of beginners in learning to speak Latin. [1]This was a textbook made for use in schools and was designed to make the study of language simplified. This contained both dictionary translations but also translation of common Latin phrases and also exercises for the practice of the language. The book also indicts previous educational practices as useless, a highly confrontational approach for an educational material.[2]

Evidence for Inclusion in Wythe's Library

The only evidence for Wythe's ownership of this title comes from the "Biographical Sketch of the Judges" in volume 4 of Daniel Call's Reports of Cases Argued and Decided in the Court of Appeals of Virginia:
As the widow and her son GEORGE were not left wealthy, she undertook his education herself; but only, taught him the Latin grammar, and to read the colloquies of Corderius very imperfectly, as he told me.[3]

No information exists to suggest which edition Wythe may have owned or whether he still owned it as an adult.

The Wolf Law Library has thus far been unable to purchase of copy of this title.

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