Richard Henry Lee to Wythe, 20 May 1777

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Richard Henry Lee, Francis Lightfoot Lee, and Mann Page, Jr. let George Wythe know that the first volume of the final edition of the Journal of Congress will be sent to him as soon as possible. They had issues with getting the manuscript journal because the many secret articles could not be seen by a Copier and those who were able to print it were too busy. In the postscript, they tell Wythe that they will attempt to send the volume with the post rider on the same trip as the current letter.

Letter text

Philadelphia May 20th. 1777

We are favored with yours covering a resolve of Assembly to which we shall pay due attention. The first Volume of the last edition of the Journal of Congress, is now published, and shall be forwarded to Williamsburg by the first opportunity. This Volume reaches no further than the 30th. of december 1775. As our duty directs, so our inclinations lead to an immediate compliance with the desires of the House of Delegates, but we apprehend insurmountable difficulty in getting the manuscript journal, because the many secret articles cannot be exposed to a Copier; and neither the Secretary or ourselves have time to do it. The Printer has hitherto been delayed for want of paper, but now that is obtained, we shall urge the publication of the remaining Journal, and send it to you Sir, with all the dispatch in our power. We have the honor to be with esteem and respect Sir

Your most obedient servants.

Richard Henry Lee
Fr. Lightfoot Lee
Mann Page, Jr.

P.S. We shall endeavor to prevail with the Post Rider to take the Vol of Journal with him this Trip.

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