Les reports de Gulielme Benloe: des Divers Pleadings et Cases en le Court del Comon-bank, en le Several Roignes de les Tres Hault & Excellent Princes, le Roy Henry VII. Henry VIII. Edw. VI. & le roignes Mary & Elizabeth

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by William Bendlowes

Bendlowes' Reports
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Title page from Les reports de Gulielme Benloe, George Wythe Collection, Wolf Law Library, College of William & Mary.

Author William Bendlowes
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Published London: Printed by the assigns of R. and E. Atkins, esquires, for Samuel Keble, Daniel Brown, Isaac Cleave, and William Rogers
Date 1689
Edition First
Language French
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Pages [12], 319, [13]
Desc. Folio (33 cm.)
Location Shelf G-5
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William Bendlowes (1516–1584) studied at St. John's College, wikipedia:Thavies Inn, and was admitted to Lincoln's Inn in 1734.[1] Five years later, he received a call to the bar.

Covering cases from 1534 to 1579, Bendlowes's reports were widely circulated in manuscript form and "consist largely of Latin pleadings with relatively short French annotations, and constitute, in effect, an annotated book of entries."[2] According to one commentator, the "unusual but restricted format [of the reports] ... does not entitle them to a particularly high estimation,"[3] yet, their authority was well known at the time of their publication in 1689.[4]

Some of the reports complied by Bendlowes can be found in Thomas Ashe's Epieikeia[5] in the appendix.[6] A fuller version of Bendlowes's reports, Les Reports de Gulielme Bendloes, Serjeant de la Ley: Des Divers Resolutions et Judgments donne par les Reverendes Judges de la Ley was published in 1661 for Timothy Twyford and became known as "New Benloe." The 1689 edition, considered a better version than 1661, earned the moniker "Old Benloe" perhaps "because it was nearer to the vulgate manuscript texts."[7]

Evidence for Inclusion in Wythe's Library

Brown's Bibliography[8] includes the first edition (1689) of Dalison's Reports des Divers Special Cases Adjudge en le Court del Common Bank based on notations in the manuscript copy of John Marshall's law notes. According to John William Wallace, the 1689 edition of Dalison's Reports was usually published bound with Les Reports de Gulielme Benloe.[9] Based on their publication history, Brown lists Bendlowes' Reports in his bibliography and notes that Thomas Jefferson also owned a volume of these reports bound together. The Wolf Law Library purchased a copy of a combined volume of the 1689 editions of Bendlowes' and Dalison's reports.

Description of the Wolf Law Library's copy

Bound in full calf; rebacked with original morocco, gilt-tooled label. Boards feature blind rules and filigree corners. Title paged signed "Geo. Kenyon." Bound with William Dalison's Les Reports des Divers Special Cases Adjudge en le Court del Common Bank. Purchased from the Lawbook Exchange.

Images of the library's copy of this book are available on Flickr. View the record for this book in William & Mary's online catalog.

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