National Intelligencer, and Washington Advertiser, 3 December 1804

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Members of the Virginia House of Electors, published in the National Intelligencer (Washington, D.C.), November 26, 1800.

George Wythe was twice elected to the Virginia electoral college—once in 1800, and again in 1804.[1] Thomas Jefferson was elected president in both cases.

Article text, 3 December 1804

Page 2

The council of Virginia have declared the following gentlemen to be chosen Electors of a President and Vice President:

Richard Evers Lee,
John Goodrich,
Edward Pigram,
Doctor Richard Field,
Thomas Read,
Creed Taylor,
William H. Cabell,
George Penn,
George Wythe,
John Taylor,
Larkin Smith,
John Minor,
William Ellzey,
William Dudley,
Mann Page,
John Taliaferro, jun.,
Richard Brent,
Hugh Holmes,
James Daily,
James Allen,
Archibald Stuart,
James McFarlane, Gen. John Preston,
William McKinley.

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