Liturgia: Seu Liber Precum Communium, et Administrationis Sacramentorum, aliorumque Rituum et Ceremoniarum in Ecclesia Anglicana Receptus: Itémque Forma et Modus Creandi, Ordinandi, et Consecrandi Episcopos, Presbyteros, et Diaconos

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by the Church of England

Book of Common Prayer (Latin)
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Title not held by The Wolf Law Library
at the College of William & Mary.
Author Church of England
Published Londini: Typis G. Bowyer, Impensis J. & J. Bonwicke
Date 1744
Volumes volume set

The Book of Common Prayer is the liturgical book of the Anglican Church.[1] First compiled in 1549, after the English Reformation and the separation of the Anglican Church from the Catholic Church in Rome,[2], it was primarily the work of Thomas Cranmer, Archbishop of Canterbury under Henry VIII.[3] Within one volume, the Book of Common Prayer set out "the forms of service for daily and Sunday worship… morning prayer, evening prayer, the Litany, and Holy Communion ... the orders for baptism, confirmation, marriage, 'prayers to be said with the sick' and a funeral service."[4]

The influence of the Book of Common Prayer reaches beyond the Anglican Church: its prayers have been adapted by other Protestant denominations, and its marriage and burial rights are particularly well-known.[5] It is the second most frequently cited book in the Oxford Dictionary of Quotations, after the Bible.[6] Its influence on the English language is almost as great as that of the authorized King James version of the Bible and William Shakespeare's works.[7]

Despite one of the original purposes of the book of common prayer to be a move away from Latin, the book was surprisingly translated into Latin so that it could be better understood by theological students on the continent. It was also used in colleges and universities where it was expected at the time that all would know Latin. The 1662 Book was first translated into Latin by Jean Durel in 1670. [8]

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