Journal of the Council of the State of Virginia, 13 July 1776

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Published in 1931 and edited by H.R. McIlwaine, this collection of journals from the Council of the State of Virginia includes a list of slaves imprisoned in the Williamsburg Public Jail in 1776.[1] The imprisoned slaves, including a slave owned by George Wythe, were to be used as miners in Virginia lead mines in support of the colonial war effort with their owners receiving yearly compensation for their labor.

Letter text, 13 July 1776

Page 69

Saturday July the 13th, 1776


John Page Esquire, President,

Dudley Digges Bartholomew Dandridge
John Blair & Benja Harrison jun.


Page 70

Ordered, that John Minson Galt, Robert Nicolson, & James Southall, Gentlemen; be appointed to examine the Negroes now in the Public Jail; and report their opinion what their yearly hire ought to be.

The Gentlemen apointed to examine the Negroes in the public Jail, according to order, made an estimate of their yearly value and returned the following report, to wit;

In obedience to an Order of the Honble Privy Council We have made an estimate of their yearly hire of the Negroes at the Public Jail & the return as follows,

Page 71

Joachim   12 Sawyer & Shoemaker
  } belonging to Edmund Bailey    
Joe   15  
Luke William Bailey 10  
Peter Thomas Jacobs 10  
Charles George Wythe Esqr 9  
Jamie   8  
Reubin { Mr Bowdoin 10  
Ned   8  
Juba William Maury 9  
Peter Mrs Reade 8  
Gilbert belonging to Mrs Roan 9  
James   8  
Fielding   9  
  { belonging to Baleigh Dolman    
Hercules   10  
Bristol William Montague 8  
Aaron Thomas Parramore 9  
James   8  
  { William B. Brown    
Prince   8  
  J. M. Galt    
  Robt Nicolson    
  James Southall    

Ordered, that the Keeper of the Public Jail, do deliver the Negroes in his custody to Mr Peter Terrel, to be by him carried to the Lead Mines, and there delivered to Mr James Calloway; and that Mr Terrel give his Receipt to the Jailor for the same

Ordered, that the General be requested to order a Waggon to assist in removing the Slaves up to the Lead Mines, and that he be informed it is expected, Mr Calloway will have a Load of Lead ready to send down by the return of the Waggon

Ordered that Mr Terrel be empowered to hire a Guard of four Men, to assist in removing the above slaves; and in case he shall not be able to procure the same-that he then apply to the Lieutenants of the several Counties, through which, he is to pass, who are requested to order a proper Guard to attend him to the next County.

Page 72

A Warrant, from the Navy Board in favour of Captain William Michell for Two hundred & fifty pounds towards the payment of his Company of Marines, was presented, Countersigned by the President, & ordered to be recorded.

The Council adjourned til' Wednesday next 9 o'Clock.

John Page
Dudley Digges
John Blair
B. Dandridge
Ben. Harrison


  1. Journal of the Council of the State of Virginia (Richmond: Purchase and Printing, 1931), 69-72.