Jacobi Vanierii è Societate Jesu Praedium Rusticum

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by Jacques Vanière

Jacobi Vanierii e Societate Jesu Praedium Rusticum
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Title not held by The Wolf Law Library
at the College of William & Mary.
Author Jacques Vanière
Published Tolosæ: Apud Petrum Robert, Collegii Tolosani Societatis Jesu Typographum & Bibliopolam, sub Signo Nominis Jesu
Date 1742
Volumes volume set

Jacques Vanière was a Jesuit priest and poet born March 9, 1664 in Causses within the diocese of Béziers.[1] He studied under a Jesuit priest, Father Joubert, who found that young Vanière had little talent for poetry.[2] Yet Vanière developed into a strong writer under Joubert's tutelage infusing his poetry with a deep admiration and respect for the countryside which he inherited from his parents.[3] Vanière entered the Jesuits to continue his study of the humanities and to teach students of his own. He died in Toulouse on August 22, 1739.[4]

Vanière gained prominence in France when he published two poems: Stagna and Columbae.[5] He also produced a volume of verses in Latin titled Recueil de vers latins and Dictionaire poetique, a dictionary for poetry. However, Praedium Rusticum is considered his greatest poetic work. It is comprised of 16 chants in the style of Virgil's Georgics.[6]

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