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  1. Titles on the book pages are italicized by using the formatting "{{DISPLAYTITLE:''Title in Italics''}}". This is the first line on the source page.
  2. The author is listed next using "===Jane Doe===" to display a bigger and bold format.
  3. MediaWiki automatically creates a table of contents for any page with three or more headings. We prevent that by typing "__NOTOC__" as the third line on each book page.
  4. The link to the title page image follows next, before the introductory paragraph(s).


Each book page will feature these sections:

  1. Introductory paragraph(s) highlighting the history of the title and author. The first occurrence of the author's name is linked to his page in Wikipedia.
  2. Bibliographic information - Author, Title, Publication information, and Edition.
  3. Evidence for Inclusion in Wythe's Library - a summary of the sources and research that indicate why we think Wythe owned a particular title.
  4. Description of the Wolf Law Library's copy - a description of the physical condition of the volume(s) noting all inscriptions and bookplates. This section also includes a link to the title's record in William & Mary's online catalog. NOTE: This section will not be included on the pages for titles not owned by The Wolf Law Library.
  5. External Links - redirects to a full text copy of the volume(s) in (in order of preference) Google Books, the Internet Archive, or another free web resource.
  6. References - citations for the information included in the Introductory paragraph and the Evidence for Inclusion sections. Citations follow The Chicago Manual of Style.
  7. Categories - all book pages fall in the category of "Titles in Wythe's Library"; titles owned by The Wolf Law Library have the added category of "George Wythe Collection at William & Mary's Wolf Law Library"; all book pages also have at least one subject category such as "English Literature" or "Criminal Law". Categories are listed alphabetically.


The book pages for items in The George Wythe Collection include images of (in order of importance):


All images should be captioned. The title page caption should be formatted as "Title page from Book Title, George Wythe Collection, Wolf Law Library, College of William & Mary". This caption should link to the William & Mary online catalog. Other images should be captioned with descriptive information such as "Inscription from front fly leaf." or "Bookplate of John Doe from back paste down."

See Help:Images for conventions for naming files, adding metadata, and assigning categories to images.

Examples of Finished Pages

See Britton or Law Tracts for examples of finished book pages.