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In a deed poll recorded October 8, 1787, George Wythe transferred ownership of eleven slaves; nine to his brother-in-law, Richard Taliaferro, Jr., and two slaves to his niece, Elizabeth Call (wife of Daniel Call).[1]

Article text, October 1903

Page 125


Be it known unto all men by these presents, that I, George Wythe, of Williamsburg, have given and delivered unto Richard Taliaferro, of the County of James City, my negro woman slave Cate, with her children and grandchildren, Rachel, Lydia, Lucy, Bob and Jamey, and also my negro woman slave Fanny, with her children, Paris and Isaac, to have and possess the said slaves to the use of his the said Richard Taliaferro's children. Anne, Rebecca, Sarah, Lucy, Benjamin and Robert to be divided among them, so that Anne and Rebecca may each have such of the said slaves as are equal in value to Rose and Edward, her child this

* George Wythe married (1) Anne Lewis, of Spotsylvania, (2) Elizabeth Taliaferro, daughter of Richard Taliaferro and Elizabeth Eggleston. See QUARTERLY, IX., p. 128.

Page 126

day given by me to their sister Elizabeth Call; and that the slaves of the other four children of the said Richard Taliaferro may be equal the one to the other. In witness whereof I have set my hand and affixed my seal this twentieth day of August in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and eighty seven.

G. WYTHE (Seal.)

Sealed and delivered in presence of G. K. Taylor, Wm. Taliaferro, Jesse Cole. At a Court held for James City County, October the 8th, 1787.

This Deed Poll was proved by the oaths of George K. Taylor, and Jesse Cole, witnesses thereto and ordered to be recorded.


Ben. C. Waller, C. C. Com

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