Anthony Irby to Wythe, 8 April 1771

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Letter from Anthony Irby to George Wythe, attorney, regarding Irby v. Clement and Thomas Read.[1] See also Irby's deposition for Wythe.[2]

Letter text, 8 April 1771

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as I Imagine my Suit will not Come on this Court Shall be glad youl push it forward as fast as posable and send me the Supenies in Timd as my Witnesses Lives in deferent Counties youl give me as Early Notis as you Can Colo. Clemt Read is dead Shall be glad to know Weather the Suit Can be tryd untell there is a will proved or an admininisr When you Send me the Supenies send Seven or Eight To your hble Sert.

Anthony Irby

8th Aprill 1771

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C[obscured]'s Patent for
Land on Brush Creek

George Wythe attorney


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