Acts Passed at a Congress of the United States of America

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Acts Passed at a Congress of the United States of America
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Acts Passed at a Congress of the United States of America is a collection of acts passed at the First Session of the First Congress, containing an early printing of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, with its original 12 amendments.[1] 143 House bills and 24 Senate bills were passed by the First Congress.[2] The first session of the First (and longest) Congress met in New York from March 4 to September 29, 1789.[3] It established procedures for dealing with the President, passed laws establishing the State, War, and treasury departments. The federal judiciary was also established, as well as a tariff on imports, which supplied most of the revenue of the early federal government. The major objection to the new Constitution had been the absence of a Bill of Rights, and only after both houses of Congress approved the Bill of Rights on September 25 did the last two holdout states, North Carolina and Rhode Island, agree to join the Union.[4] It is unknown which edition Wythe owned, but it is believed to be either the New York edition, printed by Francis Childs and John Swaine, or the Richmond edition, printed by Augustine Davis.[5]

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