Wythe to Thomas Jefferson, 11 November 1776

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George Wythe starts off his letter to Thomas Jefferson by letting him know that he has enclosed the resolutions that describe treasons and that the report about the value of coins has not changed since the last time Jefferson saw it. Wythe says he gave Colonel Harrison the part of the letter that related to him and Harrison told him he would do what Jefferson had asked as soon as he could. Wythe informs Jefferson of enemy movement and ends the letter by asking Jefferson to pass on to the speaker that he will send his unfinished work to him soon.

"Wythe to Thomas Jefferson, 11 November 1776." Image from the Library of Congress, The Thomas Jefferson Papers.

Letter text

GW to T.J.

The resolutions describing treasons are inclosed. The report for ascertaining the value of coins, &c. remains in the same state of repose as you left it in, among several others that are, as the president says, not acted upon. I gave col. Harrison an extract of that part of your letter which related to him, and asked him what answer I should make? He told me he would do what you desired so soon as he could. The enemy’s army we are credibly informed have left their camps at Whiteplains and retreated towards Newyork. I just now hear that Carleton, on the 28th of last month evacuated Crown point, and is retiring to Quebec. Tell the speaker I will endeavour soon to discharge my arrears to him. Adieu. 11 Nov. 1776

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