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"Wythe To Robert Carter, 29 May 1772." Image from the New York Public Library: Archives & Manuscripts, The Members of the Continental Congress, 1774-1779.

     I hope you arrived safe at Nomony, and found mrs Carter and all the family there in good health. Our best wishes attend them. Soon after you left us, I wrote a letter to mr Fauquier, and send inclosed a copy of it, that you may see what I said concerning his father’s affairs. What relates particularly to you, I think is the substance of what passed at our last conversation. My anxiety to be rid of this troublesome business increases daily. I am convinced you are equally desirous of it. Let us then endeavor to bring the matter to a speedy conclusion. I am, with unfeigned respect,
          Your humble servant,
               G. Wythe.
                    29 May, 1772