Wythe to Philip Mazzei, 10 August 1785

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George Wythe asks for Philip Mazzei to get him a seal for a watch engraved with the arms of the Taliaferro family on one side, the initials RT on the other, and an inclosed motto. Wythe asks that the cost not be more than three or four guineas. He says that he will pay for the seal once he has received it.

Letter text

Page 1

G.Wythe to mr Mazzei.

I shall take it kindly if you will procure for me a seal for a watch, with the arms of the Taliaferro family on one side, and the initials R T on the other side, and the inclosed motto, neatly engraved. Let not the expense be more than three or four guineas, which shall be paid upon receipt of the seal and sight of your


Page 2

order. This freedom, Sir, is taken in confidence, that you would be sensible of the same pleasure doing me a friendly office, as i should in doing one for you. I wish you every felicity. Adieu.

Williamsburgh, 10 august 1785.

Page 3

Mr. Wythe 10 Agosto } 1785.

risp.ta 8 Febb. } 1786.

colla direzione inclusa & fargli fare il sigillo.[1]


  1. Roughly, "With directions included, and let him do the seal."

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