Wythe to Peter Tinsley, 30 March 1801

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Copy of a letter from to George Wythe to Peter Tinsley, in Wythe's handwriting, dated March 30, 1801. The note inquires of the amount of rent paid, and asks for Wythe to certify that the remainder must be paid with interest.

Note from to George Wythe to Peter Tinsley, March 30, 1801. Image from Goldberg Coins and Collectibles.

Letter text, 30 March 1801

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If PT knows the note, of which a copy is inclosed to be his brother Samuel Tinsleys handwriting. and to have been subscribed by him: that his undertenent occupied the house three years, or did not resign the possession of it before expiration of that term; and if PT doth not know more money towards discharging the rent, than twelve dollars, to have been paid, will he ^be pleased to give to George Wythe a certification thereof, for the purpose of applying to proper authority for obtaining what remains due, with interest? the certificate may be writen under a copy of the note, and sent, with this paper, to G Wythe, 30 of march, 1801.

Peter Tinsley.

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