Wythe to John Norton, 8 August 1768

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"Wythe to John Norton, 8 August 1768." Image from John Norton & Sons Merchants of London and Virginia, ed. Frances Norton Mason (Newton Abbot: David & Charles, 1937), 58.

Dear Sir,
    If you will be so good as procure for me a well built handsome post-chariott, I will remit the price of it in due season. Something like the inclosed device may be put upon it. Of the several articles I have lately wrote for, the glasses, balls and other apparatus, such as are used by the house of commons in balloting and the duplicates of our journals, I am more anxious about, and earnestly desire your particular attention to. The journals especially would be of considerable advantage to me. I am,
              Dear Sir,
                   Your sincere friend and
                        Well wisher
                        G. Wythe
                        Aug. 8. 1768.