Wythe to John Norton, 29 May 1772

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Letter text

Mr. John Norton
Merchant in London


I beg the favour of you to deliver the packet, which accompanies this, and to negotiate the bill on mr. Bell, and pay the contents of that, as well as of the other upon yourself to mr Fauquier, and also to pay him twenty five pounds sixteen shillings and eight pence more, and to take his receipt for the whole, as paid by his father’s executors, and send it to me. You will oblige me by sending the books and robe mentioned in the inclosed. I shall draw upon you soon for the cost of two pipes of Madeira wine. With my best wishes for mrs. Norton and all your family, I am


Your humble Servant
G. Wythe
29th May
1772 > Mr. Norton
To be bought for G. Wythe

The works of Theophilus in greek and latin, two volumes in quarto, published at the Hague in 1751, by Gul. Otto Reitz,
Lamb eirenarcha,
Erasmus’s adages,
Common prayer in greek
A robe, such as is worn by the clerk of the house of commons, but better than the one I had before from mr. Child, which indeed was scandalous

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